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New Product on Market

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Bought an interesting anti-flea product today. It is called Flea-Breeze, it is a fabric freshener with the properties to kill flea eggs. I have extensively sprayed all the furniture and the carpet as well. No offensive smell and says it is not hazardous to humans or pets.
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Whoever invented that is going to be a billionaire. I swear by Fabreeze. That's all I use. And I use alot because all my cats are indoors.
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I am confused - is this two different products - I use the fabric freshener - but have never heard of the flea-breeze. Where do you get it?
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I had never seen it before, and saw it among the flea products. It looks just like Fabreeze as far as the packaging goes, so I wonder if maybe the same company is marketing it. I just advantaged all the cats, and sprayed the house and furniture, so hopefully we have no flea invasions this year...=)
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Thanks - I will look for this one!
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Do they sell this at Walmart? This sounds like a GREAT product.....thanks for telling us about it, Hissy!!!!
I will be looking for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If anyone knows of a store that sells it, please let me know. My cats don't go outside but my dog can bring the fleas in.


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Hissy, could you possibly look on the back and post the name of the manufacterer? I went to the Febreeze website and there was no mention of this product there, but it may be made by a different company.

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