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Here's an odd question...

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Ever since we got Kanga, Roo's teets have been really red, almost crusty. Often we have seen Kanga suckling off Roo and thought "well, if Roo doesn't mind it..." but Darrell just asked me this;

"Roo must be putting out something in order for Kanga to still be suckling."

Do you think he could be taking the mother roll and actually be excreting something through his teets????

I know, an odd question... but is it possible?
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I don't know if a male can actually produce something, but I do know that the physical act of suckling is comforting in it's own right; there doesn't necessarily need to be any "result." Some cats will nurse on your hair or a blanket; it's just comfort behavior. Kind of cute that Roo let's him nurse, but I would worry about soreness.
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I'm fairly certain male cats wouldn't produce milk but if your kitten is suckling .. and maybe doing puddy puddy (kneading his daddy, we gave it a nick name) then as long as dad doesn't mind him doing that it should be ok.

I would think if he minded he'd remove the kitten, he may be proud he has such a happy baby that respects him. Cats and their social heirarchy are indeed strange!
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He can't get anything but comfort from the male cat's nipples. Just watch and make sure the kitten isn't overdoing it, causing any irritation or skin problems. It is unusual that the male allows it!
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