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That pic was so hard to upload last night. It took nearly 10 minutes to lead EACH PAGE. I don't know what was wrong with TCS's server last night but it was really frusterating. I thought it didn't post because it said "Server Error" after I hit post.

Anyways, blah, have a nice day y'all.
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Wow!! Those are some great shots. I love Kanga's fluffy tail.
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Tamme do you have some software to shrink your pictures? They're so big that they take forever to load. I cant see the collage either. Maybe I'm just impatient

Kanga is getting so big, I cant believe it! He looks way bigger than Saki!
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I don't think it's TCS's server. I think it's because your files are so large! I have cable broadband and it even takes me forever to see them! Are you changing them to 72 pixels/inch and shrinking them a bit in size before you upload them? If you're using them right from your camera they are probably much higher resolution.

The pictures are very nice and Kanga is such a doll! I love the collage! It's a great idea. Maybe I'll make one for my scrap book someday!
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He is a right gorgeous little monster -- and character to burn, too, obviously!!
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Sorry mzjazz2u, I just download them from my camera, fix them all up with tinting and junk, resize them to 4 or 5 inches and post them. I guess that one's quite big because of all the pictures. Only that one is so big in downloading time, I don't think you guys had any trouble with the other ones did you?
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I'm on Dial Up and it took probably three minutes to fully load.

Kangas gorgeous I'd wait for him to load anyday.
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I Kanga. I loved the pictures. He is so adorable. Post more post more!!!
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I Kanga he's so cute.

I don't have any problem loading your pics. Not even the collage.

Need ..... more ..... of ...... Kanga
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ok all you Kanga addicts out there, sorry to keep your fix waiting for so long, but here are 26 more pics of him that I took just yesterday. Enjoy!

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Kanga looks all grown up...he's turned into a very handsome young the tounge do you get so close and such clear shots?
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He's getting so big and fluffy. What an adorable little kitty.

Great pics btw.
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OOOOOOOOOOOO...our wittle boy is getting aaaaaaaaaaaall gwowed up... and he's gorgeous! Love the battle with the strap.
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oooo.. he's grown so big... kanga
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Beautiful like always
Kanga sure has grown up , the time move by just to fast .
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thanks guys,

KymC I have a close-up setting on my digital camera. I just keep inching forward, taking more pics, and keep the best ones. I try all the settings in every sitting to be sure I get some really good shots.

I still can't believe how big he's getting, he still hasn't stopped and he's 9 months now! He's as big as the others just without Roo's girth. and so cuddly! he's got this V8 engine that won't stop at bedtime.
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I LOVE the 2 and last pic. Really cute cat!

(i think he likes his close-ups) Really cute!!!
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thanks catman and to think I thought his eyes were going to be blue! LOL
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Wow he's gotten so big. I still love him, one of my favorite TSC cats (but all the kitties here are great)

I noticed the name tag he is wearing. Did you get that at Petsmart? I have the same one for Emmett. I just find with the bell it is so much louder then his reflective plastic mouse shaped one on his mouse collar.
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Creepyowl, yes that tag is from Petsmart but it didn't come with a bell. That would get old real fast, hee hee. He's so darn active! We thought he would slow down after getting fixed but he hasn't yet, still the same ol' roudyiness.
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