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I'm so glad you are all able to see them! Check back often for more.
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Originally posted by Tamme
I don't want to start a new thread but I hope everyone gets to see all the new pics


"These humans are so cute - I just love holding them in my paw while I give them a good tongue-washing..."
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uh, some late-night cartooning...
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I almost peed myself laughing when I saw that! I had to get Darrell to come and see this!

Thank-you so much. That is so cute.
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From the best-selling book "Complete Illustrated Guide to Human Care" by Dr. Kanga the 50 Ft. Cat

So many great shots of Kanga! A lot of cats are photogenic, but Kanga projects a lot of personality in his photos - like a character actor does; there's a shot where he looks like Mike Meyers as the Cat in the Hat, and another where he looks like Bloom County's Bill the Cat going "AckTHHHPT!"

I'm tempted to try to get a poster-sized print of the King Kong Kanga shot...really need something like 3x4' for the proper impact...

More Kanga pics, please!
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lol brocken, you are too cute!

I'll get some up as soon as possible. Check back soon
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Brocken that is too funny!!!

Kanga is such a cutie!
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OMG!! that cartoon is funny! I love that caption too, that would have defintitely won a first prize in a caption this contest.

I love all the pics of Kanga. He is so adorable and cuddly.
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omg! LMAO!! These pictures are fabulous!!! I love the tongue ones!!

I know what you mean about not wanting to start a new thread.. I just keep adding pics to my Zoey & Saki thread but I think there's only like 3 people that follow it
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Sorry I've been away for awhile. Getting ready for our trip.

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WOAH! Tamme, he is getting SOOO big sooooo fast! Such a handsome lil devil he is.
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OMG your little boy has grown a lot . He is just to cute and still the red one's look like son and father lol . You made some great pics . My favored so far are the one's with the little toung that is just to cute . I also like the new pics by the window . I wonder if he watched a bird out there . All of you kitties are very pretty cats .
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Completely gorgeous, Tamme! Keep 'em comin'!
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Kanga is so adorable. I love him eating the pretzle with Tigger. Give him kisses from me.
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Look at that chin!

How can you tell I like Jude Deveraux??
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hey.. i was tilting my head trying to figure out what the author was.... i think i must have looked funny....
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lol Kate!
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Kanga ALWAYS does this! and I don't know why! He'll just sit there and won't move. lol.

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He is so cute. I like those smutty historical romance novels too Beatrice Small is my favorite.

What's your msn name, I'll add you to my list. You would be cool to talk to.
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Roo really must love Kanga the way they are always playing . They look so cute together .Great pics you made
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sorry I've been away for so long, I feel so out of touch. I've been really sick for the past week. Here are some more pics.

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Oh my goodness he's HUGE! I just looked at this thread for the first time and skipped from the first page (2nd picture is TOO funny for words) to the last....my goodness he's all grown up! Hahahhaa, Roo is such a fatass! They look like such an adorable ball of orange fuzzies in that box together Do the redheads stick together in your household?
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Now while kanga is in your arm , you really can tell how gib he has gotten . They grow up way to fast I think . What a cutie he is
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He sure is getting big! And that is some gorgeous plume he's got!!
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Wow Kanga sure is growing like a weed So adorable still. I love the little orange fur balls.
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They do stick together, sometimes they even gang up on Tigger...but she can hold her own.

I can't get over his plume either! It's so wonderfully fluffy!
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Cute thing
Loved the last photo ...grrr...
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Kanga's a cutie!!!
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Hi everybody, I just did a collage of Kanga, I sure hope it shows good... These are all pics i just took tonight so I know you haven't seen any of them yet.

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Great pics. Kanga is a sweetie.
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