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More pics of Kanga - Page 2

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Great new pics! Love the second pic of him sticking his tongue out!
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OMG he is so adorable! Love that tongue shot!
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Awwww! He's so insanly precious!
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I Kanga

I can't wait to see more pics
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That little character is such a charmer!
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Oh the second one is soooo adorable!!!
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I'm becoming a Kanga addict! He is soo damn CUTE!!!
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ok there are a few more. I don't think I've posted any of these before but I might have, let me know if you've seen any of them ok?
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Aww,those are very cute pictures! He sure loves to stick out his tongue!
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The one of him with Roo is to die for. He's so cute. Reminds me so much of my kitten (which I promise to post real soon)

Can't get enough of that Kanga face
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Aww Cute pictures - love the tongue!

The picture of Kanga & Roo is too cute for words!
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Words fail me! What a special little guy!
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Awwwww! Tamme- Kanga is SO beautiful. I'm such a sucker. He would be able to get away with murder if he was my kitty. That face just wouldn't allow me to perform any kind of discilplinary actions.
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I love that one of Kanga & Roo!
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haha He nearly DOES get away with anything. But I am trying to put a stop to his suckling Roo. When I see him doing it I'll go over and take his face away, put a few drops of lemon juice on Roo's teet and then let Kanga go back. You should see his reaction! All sputtering and stuff, but it works...well worked, after the third time Roo started to lick it off before Kanga had a chance to get back at it and thus teet repellant removed. *sigh. I guess he'll always do it.

ok enough from me, bye!
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since you guys liked the ones of Kanga and Roo playing, I thought I'd post all of the ones I took while they were playing that time.

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you wouldn't believe the amount of weight Roo has lost since we got Kanga, it's unbelievable.
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I love little Kanga! You get such cute pictures of his tongue sticking out, I love it!
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aaawwww how cute , I love thoses picture , they are to cute
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LOL! I believe it. Kanga is good for Roo!

By the way Tamme. I think Kanga will grow out of sucking on Roo. When we got our three boys my Jake would do the exact same thing to his brother Sebastian. It was sooo loud and it kept us awake at night because they always slept in bed with us.

He grew out of it and no longer does the suckling. Good nights sleep ever since!
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well that's good to know. but I think Roo liked the lemon juice .

You know, I don't think Roo moved at all in those pics
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Ever so sweet fellas.
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I don't want to start a new thread but I hope everyone gets to see all the new pics

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My God, I could eat that guy up, he's so sweet!
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I am in love with Kanga (and Roo for that matter). What an absolutely adorable, photogenic boy! How can you possibly ever discipline that sweet little boy. One look at his face and your heart melts. And love that tongue-sticking-out action.

OK, so I'm NOT biased towards red tabbies. I only have 6 in my house but they are offset by the greys, silver tabbies, blacks, tuxedos and brown tabbies. LOL
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I love that last picture! He's so darn cute!

I know what you mean about starting new threads. I've found that if I just keep adding to one of my original threads, no one looks at the new pictures. But I found these!
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Kanga is so adorable. I'm still working on my plan to catnap him.....soon very very soon.....
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I laughed at the second picture... what a sweetie!
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Originally posted by Creepyowl
Kanga is so adorable. I'm still working on my plan to catnap him.....soon very very soon.....
Well, at least you won't have any international borders to cross
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What a cute fella he is! You should send some of those pics to Caption this! Perfect!
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