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Pumpkin kitty

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And so Bella doesn't feel left out. . .

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Yay cute!!!!!
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What beautiful animals you have. Those are awesome pictures.
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Cuteys!! Bella a dog? shes the size of a small horse! ack!

But shes a cute small horse. I like her harness
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oh how cute both are .

Bella is a great Dane right ?
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Great pictures
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Thanks everyone!

Yup, Bella is a great dane. She's actually fairly small for a dane too!
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Pepper is a good looking kitty, but I'm dazzled by Bella! What a gorgeous animal!
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Like kidsncats... Pepper's a gorgeous kitty BUT Bella is a beautiful dog!

What about Autumn Sunni Jean? I never knew you had a rabbit until recently and I saw the pic on your siggy! Could we have some pics of him/her?

Thanks Hugs! Sam.
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Those are awesome pictures!
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Thanks again!

Sam, I keep meaning to post a thread in the lounge with pics of my new bunny Autumn, and see if anyone else here has pet rabbits. Will do that soon I promise!
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I thought that cats and dogs aren't too friendly with rabbits. Do they have a good relationship with each other, at your house?
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I look forward to seeing it Sunni Jean!
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they are both so cute
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