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Insurance Companies!

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I can't stand them sometimes...I wanted to go back to see my therapist because I need to work some things out, and the doctor's office called and told me to bring $75 for my copayment when I came in next time. Can you believe how much this is!! I guess she is out-of-network now for me. This really stinks! Guess I will be putting it off for awhile again...
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Dont even get me started on Insurance I pay like $178 a month for stupid Kaiser!!! My co-pays went up to $20. Its ridiculous.
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$350 a month, $20 copay, and it no longer covers my allergy medicine, b/c a 'compatible' brand is now available OTC, even though that 'compatible' brand doesn't work for me.
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I am so glad that in Canada most doctor visits are coverd and between my work insurance and John we get 100% back on perscriptions with only a $20 deductible. With all of my meds, if I wasn't covered by them I would be out $3000-$4000/year.
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Originally posted by tuxedokitties
$350 a month

GOOD GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I guess I'm lucky. I have Kaiser as well, and my boss pays for it. My Co-pay is only $10. Problem is, I HATE going to Kaiser.
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You're lucky.. my boss only pays for $34 of it per month, that's not much.

I dont really care for Kaiser either.. but I do have to say getting an appointment is fairly easy, and they are usually always on time. It would just be nice to have the doctors seem like they 'care more' for you .. yknow.
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Is Kaiser a group of doctors, like an HMO?

(just to put the $350/month in perspective, my rent on my apartment was $400 - generally costs of living [and of course wages] are much lower here than in CA - so that tells ya it's a HUGE chunk of $$$ each month)
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well I pay about $50 + or - a month...my copayment for regular doctors are $20...I am talking about psychiatrists here. I am just so angry because I really need to talk to someone before I go NUTS! I am having a really difficult time with home situations and work! Anyone have any suggestions?
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It's sad that a lot of insurance companies treat mental health like it's not important.

I don't know if you go to a church, but sometimes they can help with counseling. You might also want to call the United Way to see if they can refer you to a low-cost counselor.
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Tess what kind of plan do you have? That is insane

I guess Kaiser is like a private hospital.. they have them all over ( I think)

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Originally posted by tuxedokitties
$350 a month, $20 copay, and it no longer covers my allergy medicine, b/c a 'compatible' brand is now available OTC, even though that 'compatible' brand doesn't work for me.
The way of getting around that is having your Doctor write a letter to the insurance company stating that the drug that THEY want you to use doesn't work for you. The insurance has to use the Doctors recommendation, but they may charge you a higher copay. But...at least it's covered. I'm sure you're talking about Claritin that is OTC now. Don't let them convince you to take Clarinex. It's actually the same exact drug, but they change one tiny ioda of the drug so thats why they can sell it with a new product name. I'm not sure which drug that they won't cover now for you. I'm assuming it's Zyrtec or Allegra which both are outrageous in price. OH...if Claritin doesn't work for you, don't bother trying Alavert that is OTC. It's the same drug as Claritin, so you'll be just wasting your money.
Hope that helps you a bit!
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Thanks, Shell! Zyrtec is the only thing that works for me.

I'm out of work right now, so I'm paying COBRA rates for my PPO, where I choose from a doctor within the network for a regular copay, or I can go out of the network for a higher price. The HMO is a little cheaper - I think it's about $275 a month. My job used to pay for the whole thing - no cost to me, but when I got sick & had to go on leave they laid me off. When my COBRA runs out I'll probably have to switch to my husband's insurance, which is just as expensive. It's tempting just to let it drop & put money in savings, but you never know what will happen, plus with pre-existing conditions you can't let it drop or you won't be able to get insurance again later. Argh.
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Ah yes.. Cobra

Maybe there's a Kaiser in your area?
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I checked, but nope. Thanks for the link, though. We're looking for a better policy & rate!
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Caprice, I hope you can find someone - let us know. Does your employer off any type of employee assistance program? Some offer private & anonymous counseling through an outside employee assistance service. If your office is large enough to have a Human Resources department, you might want to check with them.
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Well, I am looking into the process of finding us a church where they actually speak English, we live in an area with a lot of Mexican/Americans...and all of our billboards are in Spanish. We have to go about 30 minutes out of our way to find a nice church.

And...my company isn't large enough to have a Human Resources department...and I can't stand working here...so that's another reason why I need to find someone to talk to...
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