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The appointment with Daewoo, WalMart Claims, my attorney and I is this morning at 11:00 Mountain time. Please send all the good vibes, prayers, meditations etc. that you can my way! I'm so nervous.

For any new members... My engine went out in my 2000 Daewoo last July. The car only has 29,000 miles on it and is under warranty but everyone is blamming each other and no one is fixing it. I had my oil changed at WalMart 5 days before it happened.
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Good vibes comin your way!!!
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Good Luck!
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Sending Positive Vibes Straight to YOU!
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Good luck vibes heading your direction!!
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Good luck headed your way!
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Sending you good vibes!

Let us know how it goes!
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Good luck with the vultures Tammie!!
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Sending good luck vibes from Hollywood!
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good luck all the way!
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Good Luck, hope everything turns out ok for you.
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Good luck!
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Best of luck to you!
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I just see this thread and I hope everything went well .
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Sending good vibes straight to you!
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Good luck!
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Very best of luck! I hope they pay you a bundle!
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Sending good vibes!
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Tammie - any update?
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I really hope that meeting works out. I remember that your car died around the same time as mine. I was without a car for about 4 weeks before it got fixed and you have been without yours for about two months now I think. Actually, I see it's been more than that.
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Whew it's been a long day! I didn't realize they had to pull the whole engine and examine every single little part that came out of the car! My engine is complete toast, which didn't suprise me.

It went very well. The investigator with Claims Management paid attention to every detail. (He's an independent investigator WalMart contracted.) After it was over he cornered my attorney and I and said not to worry... "you're not going to be paying for any of this." So WOO HOOOOO!! Let's just pray nothing else goes wrong between now and when we get the ok from WalMart to repair it.
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good luck! hope everything turns out the way you want it to be! keep us updated!
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Hey that's good news!
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YAY!!! That is awesome!!!!!!
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