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Shopping Spree For Em

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So I took a road trip to Barrie today to buy Em some Feline Pine litter. Its a three and a half hour drive. I got him 60lbs of litter. Then I bought him a new coller, ID tag, cat food, toy, leash, things to get rid of cat hair......$114 later.

Who is going to say he is spoiled?
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LOL Sounds like a normal trip to the supply store for me! We go usually at least once or twice a week, and NEVER walk out of there without spending less than $50. But then again, with one kitty and four chinchillas, what can you expect? Chinchillas are EXPENSIVE to upkeep!
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Ashtons Mommy You must share pictures of your Chinchillas!I reckon they are so gorgeous!

WTG Creepyowl! Now Em's cute and got the loot!

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Well, ya know, since you twisted my arm and everything. Since I'm new and all, how about pushing me in the right direction to the appropriate place to post pics of "non felines"? hehe
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I think in the lounge will be alright!

LOok forward to seeing them!
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Creepyowl, is that a 3 1/2 hour round trip? Are you north of Barrie? I grew up in the Ottawa Valley, you might be near my old stomping ground!
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I vacationed just outside of Barrie two years ago. We stayed at a beautiful resort - we had a condo for a week. I really enjoyed visiting the area.
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