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Prayers needed for Mum Real Fast!

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Hi Guys- Mum found out yesterday she needed to go in to have a piece of her cervix cut off to see if she has cancer, this has been done twice and it has shown up cancer cells, Please prayer my Mum(Rosy) doesn't have cancer!

Btw she's back from the hospital and in bed now, it will be three weeks when we find out.

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OMG! How scary Sam! Sending mega prayers & vibes to you Mum! Make sure you spoil her rotten while she's recouping, ok?
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Sending healing vibes her way.
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oh Sam - how scary for you and your mum...

I will keep you both in my thoughts.
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Thanks Guys! Mum & I appreciate it heaps.

I will Shell =)
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Yikes, Sam! That's scary. Lotsa good vibes on their way. Take good care of her.
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Lotsa good healing vibes for her...pls take good care of her..
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I'm praying and sending vibes Sam. I hope everything is ok.
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I just saw this. I hope for nothing but the best for her, and I want you to take care of yourself during this stressful time. Is there someone besides you to take care of your Mum?
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Mum was instructed NOT to carry anything but no she still thinks she can carry tables, do litter trays cook tea and YIKES! it can't be doing her any good.

Yeah Mary Anne her partner Tom is looking after her now!

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Sending prayers for your mum, Sam. Hopefully everything will turn out well.

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Mega prayers coming in.
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Yikes! Prayers coming from me.

Hugs to you and your mum
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Sam- I am sending lots of prayers her way and to you as well. Tell her how many people she has praying for her around the world and she can't help but feel better!
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Good thoughts, for your mom, Sam.

What she's had is a biopsy. I went through this, 13 years ago. We caught it early, got rid of it and I've been fine, ever since. This is fairly easy to catch early and treat. I opted for a hysterectomy but there are laser treatments, now.
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OMG Sam , I did not know that your mom has problems . I am so sorry . You sure go through a lot lately , bless your heart ((((HUGS))))

Be sure I will be praying for your mother
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Sending good thoughts for you and your Mom. Hope she gets better soon and all is ok.
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Sending healing vibes to your mom, Sammie!! I hope her recovery is speedy and that she can regain her health soon. You take care, too!
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I'm sending my best prayers to your mother, Sam.
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Thanks Everyone!

Glad they caught it early for you Cindy. Mum put this off for 4 months! and then finally she went in, I hope if she has anything they will catch it early.

Hugs to all
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Sam I'm sending healing vibes to your Mother!

Meanwhile, keep yourself in Good Health, please.
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Sending many good vibes her way.
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I hope your mom is going to be okay.
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Wow, how scary Sam! I hope everything is OK! Make sure she rests and follows doctor's orders! (I know that's hard, sometimes.) Sending mega "no-cancer-be-healthy" vibes to your mum!
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P.S. -- Please keep us posted, I'll be thinking about her!
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Sam you remember what happened to my grandmother this month. They caught hers in time and other than complications she'll be fine. If they catch your moms in time(if she has it) they can remove it like they did for grandma and it will be over. PM me if you wanna talk. *hugs*
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