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My babies are getting so big!!

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Muffy's kittens are now 5 weeks old. They're eating both canned food and Muffy's kibble. They also use the litter box and haven't had an accident yet. (I'm buying vast quantities of litter these days! ) I've moved them to the laundry room, which is off the dinette and kitchen in our house. I can gate off either the laundry room or the kitchen when they need to run off some steam. They're chasing each other all over now, and it's just too cute.

I've picked out the one I'm keeping, and I have to say he's the sweetest of the bunch. He's a grey and black tabby with white on his face, chest, tummy and legs. He's neat though because his back is black and the tabby markings don't start until his rib cage. He's also the fluffiest of the litter. I think he'll be more of a medium haired cat.

So far I've found homes for three, and I just need to find one more. If anyone knows anyone in DFW or Austin Texas looking for a beautiful male tabby, let me know!

Muffy gets spayed the first week of August, and I'm definitely looking forward to it. I don't want this to happen again!
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They sound wonderful!
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I think one of Fern's babies may have a new home. A vet tech is extremely interested in Champagne. She is going to bring her son over tomorrow to see the litter and hopefully bring one home.

BTW if you are using clumping litter, be sure to check between the kitten's pads. The litter can build up in there when they step in their urine and cause them a lot of discomfort. I use strips of newspapers at first in the boxes, then go to regular cat litter, after I am sure they aren't going to play in it, or eat the darn stuff!
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Hissy - I've been using the Feline Pine litter because I read it was safe for baby kittens. Let me tell you, I'll be thrilled to go back to the regular clumping litter. This stuff doesn't do much for the smell! I have caught them eating it though.
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Hey Dawn,

I have a son that lives in Austin and he likes cats as he was always raised with one. Will send him an email at work tomorrow and see if he would like a nice tabby. Don't have any idea if they are allowed in his apt complex or not though. But it would be great company for him. Will let you know.
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OK, Pictures! We need pictures!!!!!!
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Meowman - I'll be scanning in some pictures when I visit my mother in Austin next weekend. Unfortunately I don't have as many gagets as I'd like, as in a digital camera!

Meme - If your son is interested, just let me know! I'm going to Austin the weekend of the 28th and I could bring one down with me. Tell him they're exceptionally cute!
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Hi Dawn,

Well he said no.

Says that at this time he would not be able to care for one properly as he sometimes forgets to even feed himself. He is divorced and just starting out again on his own and with a new and demanding job. Oh well it was worth a try. Sorry it didnt work out.
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Thanks for asking Meme. I appreciate you trying. I hope your son's new job goes well. (With the economy in Austin right now, he's lucky to have a new job!)
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