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I took my cat (Rambo) to the vet on Monday and he has him on meds for urinary infection. Ever since he came back home he only stay's in one of the rooms in my house. He never leaves the room (lucily it's the room where the litter box and food is)

Is he doing this because he is sick?
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Poor little guy! Does he look okay other than hiding? Sometimes cats have bad reactions to antibiotics, so if he looks lethargic and stays curled up in a little ball, not moving except to potty, you might want to call the vet to see whether a different medication would be a good idea.

Otherwise, if he is simply hiding, it is probably because his comfortable life has been disrupted by a trip to the vet and by you shoving medicine down his throat a couple times a day. Just give him some time and perhaps give him treats every time you finish giving medicine and he will come back out.
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