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How long does it take???

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I'm just curious if it's just my area that has gotten this bad with Pizza Delivery! I remember the "20 minutes or it's free" deal from Dominos, so this is more than just irritating.

We ordered the pizza over an HOUR sign yet. This has become standard, I don't think we've gotten a pizza in less than an hour in the last 4-6 times we ordered pizza. One of the last couple times, it took almost 2 hours. And they won't even give us a discount or PO'ed customer coupons or anything. Just a "Yup, we're really busy. Sorry!"

So how long does it take you to get a pizza delivered in your area?
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we pick our pizza's up because have them dropped off just takes way to long!
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If we order we usually pick it up , or it would take to long and the pizza is not to hot too . Yea , it really sucks
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boy can i relate to that, we did order from this one shop because we liked there food, but it would take about 1 hr. or better to deliver, so one day we waited for 1 20 min. and then ordered from the other shop in town and they delivered and we had our food half eaten when the first shop delivered, we told them this and they left. so when we do order from this shop because they do have good food we pick it up and then it takes about 45 min. and we live in a small place, shouldnt take that long, but i found out why, they did deliver after a certain amount of orders came in, but they changed the amont to alot more so they dont have to go out so often and thats why it takes so dang long
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Yeah, that sucks. They don't give a crap anymore about keeping the customer happy. I've had it take an hour before but rarely. And they let me know ahead of time. Usually it is 20-30 minutes here.
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LOL Heidi I'm sorry about your missing pizza! I hope it comes soon.

It's the same way here so we usually just go pick it up because it sucks waiting so long for it to arrive, especially when like you said, they don't do crap to make up for it anymore.
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And wouldn't you know, it got here within 5 minutes of posting here. It did take over an hour, though. Bah!
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We order out occasionally, and usually its about 30-40 min. I've never had to wait an hour.
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I am in a rural area where there is no delivery but there is this great independently owned restaurant nearby that has the BEST pizzas I have ever tasted. The drive (about 10 mins) is so worth it.
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Papa John's takes 30-40 minutes. Allowing for cooking time, I don't think that's so bad and the pizza is good.
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Dominos does take forever.. I'm always like God Mum just ring up and Blast em'!

Sorry about the Pizza Heidi! Was it hot when you got it in the end?

We were always quick with our deliverys when we owned a Pizza shop.
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They usually take about 40 min. here.
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30-40 minutes is pretty much the norm here -- they tend to keep their delivery areas small enough that that works, and the odd time when somebody screws up and it does take longer they usually give a discount or a bonus if you're a regular at all. Flying Wedge is our pet and they're really reliable and great pizza.
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Our area is still on a 30 minutes or its free schedule. But I never have pizza delivered. From my front door I can see three pizza places. One I don't use, because I would have to cross the street to get to it, and that makes it seem too far. I go and watch them take my pizza out of the oven for me. It takes 15 minutes to cook.

I am spoiled. But we don't have a Chinese take out on the block, and I think we need one. Then I would never have to cook.
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we once ordered a pizza from Papa Johns and they told us it'd be about an hour for it so we said fine we'll wiat. well an hour and a half later no pizza, so we waited 15 minutes longer and then went to get other food(mind you it was 9 at night when we ordered) when they finally got there I simply told then, hey look, your place said one hour and it's almost been two so we went to get something else, take that pizza back. and we haven't ordered from them since. I even emailed them a letter of complaint and they did nothing. that really made me mad.
but the other pizza places are about as bad, 45 min to an hour. pretty sad since they had a really good thing going and now they are messing it up and ticking off their primary paycheck, the customers.
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I have a Pizza Hut really close to me, and it usually takes no more than 30 minutes, however, on Friday and Saturday night, it may take a little longer, especially if it's really busy.
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40 to 50 minutes is standard now where I'm at. They changed the 30 minutes or less because of the liability involved - speeding.
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WOW.....all of you are really lucky to have pizza delivered or any other food for that matter!

I live so far from everything that delivery isn't even thought of, although we have tried. The only thing that we can do is make our own pizza. For Chinese food though we have to drive 1 hour into Huntsville place the order wait 5 minutes and bring it home with us. It's still nice and hot but it's still not delivery!

There is an upside to this however, since we can't get delivery where I live I've lost 150 lbs.
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*suddenly has an urge for pizza*

I'm like a few of you.... no deliveries out this way either.
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It's about 30 minutes where we live, but we rarely order out . . . if we're eating a restaurant's food, we prefer to actually GO to the restaurant . . . change of scenery, ya know?
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