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Does your cat carry toys?

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This has probably been asked before but I'm a bit new here.

I think it's so cute to see Alli dragging toys, big and small, all over the house to play with them in new spots. Her latest drag and drop is a wand with a fuzzy ball on a long string that she just loves to play with with my husband. Today it went from his chair table down to the basement. By tomorrow it'll probably be back up in the hallway or something.
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Yep! Both Saki & Zoey carry mice and feathers around in their mouths I gotta try to get a pic of that.
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yep! I LOVE it when they carry there toys! I think they look too adorable. They really like carrying kirby sticks around, and balls they are so darn cute
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Peedoodle has this toy pig that I got him for christmas - he carries that everywhere he goes, especially when we go to bed, its always in the bedroom with us.
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Trent carries his sparkle balls around. SO cute!! And I finally, after about 2 years of trying, got a picture of it a while back.

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Heidi - are those the sparkle balls that you buy in the craft section of walmart? I saw them and I thought about buying some but my friend told me that they wouldnt be safe.
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I love it when kitties carry their toys around. It's like you can understand what they're thinking and what mood they are in. I think it's extra cute when they drag around a stuffed toy.
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I hope they are safe - That's the only thing Trent likes to play with! Those are the ones from the craft section at Wal Mart. I got a pair of "Cat Toys" for $2 one time and he went nuts over them, so when I saw the same balls for 24 balls for $2 in the craft section I got them. The dye has never run, the sparkles don't come out (never found a sparkly poo!), the balls don't come apart. They are really sturdy little balls. Now, they do have the small sparkle balls that I would never get because they would get eaten, but the medium and large sizes are, I swear, the same ones they package for a lot of money as cat toys.
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Alli likes to 'kill' stuffed animals. I was tossing some around a couple weeks ago while straightening up and she attacked and bit the neck of each one as it hit the floor. I laughed so hard I cried.
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Spike carries anything he can fit into his mouth around. Even the long poles with feathery or sparkle ends get dragged around if I leave it for a minute.
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Thailee like to play fetch with a soft ball or a soft mouse , he is so cute and also talk to me then a lot while playing and bringing the toy .
Snowball is so funny . My son got him a big toy mouse and tie it to a toy string (forgot how it is called) and Snowball is traging the hole thing through the house while meowing Like he cought a mouse and telling every body look I got the mouse . He is to funny with that .
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Toes brought me a teddy bear half his size when I was sick once. Too cute!
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The cutest thing Trent ever did with bringing us stuff was when we got 2 pole type toys, but we only gave them one. So later that evening, we're playing with Ophelia in the bedroom, and Trent is dragging the new pole toy, bag and all, in to us. He KNEW it was his toy! (And there wasn't any catnip in it either!) Of course, we opened it and played with him.
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Do I get the feeling that Trent is spoiled?
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Trent? Spoiled?? Nah!
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meow meow and boy boy carries their toy mouse when they are in the mood to play..otherwise the only thing their mouth would carry is probably food
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I'd have to say yes and no.

Sphinx doesn't carry any toys but Kuce does (She has thei purple toy we bought her at KMart and she carries it around the house when she wants to play... its soo cute.).
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Mine love to carry toys around.I bought them some of those fur mice everyone was talking about and some of my kitties have been carrying them around like they do when they catch a real mouse.LOL.

One of my kittens just ran in here a minute ago with a piece of food from my son's plate that I haven't thrown out yet,and he dropped it straight down in my son's shoe.It looked like he dropped it down in there on purpose.He tried his best to get it out and couldn't.LOL.
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I got one

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LOL.That is soooo cute.
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And another one

Do you ever wonder what's inside these mice? Apparently this one died a slow death.....
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poor mouse.LOL.
I just bought mine the mice a few days ago and I have already begun to find tails all over my house.LOL.
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Cute Saki Pics!

All my cats carry stuff around in their mouth!

I don't think I have caught any pics of them carrying stuff though!
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Originally posted by TTMom
Toes brought me a teddy bear half his size when I was sick once. Too cute!
LOL! What a considerate little guy... brings you a teddy.
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Here's one of Sophie carrying the feathers in her mouth!

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Fawn is the one for carrying things in our family. Especially, she found somewhere a longish dark blue braided rope. It's her favourite toy, and she carries it all over the place.

The other one for carrying stuff was Samantha. She adopted somebody's old feather duster at one point and brought it home in stages over several days: first into the yard, then to the basement door, then into the house -- and that had to be through the cat door, since it happened while we weren't home! It travelled all over the house, too.

They're a riot!
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Originally posted by vettechstudent
poor mouse.LOL.
I just bought mine the mice a few days ago and I have already begun to find tails all over my house.LOL.
I always cut the tails off because Zoey eats them
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Yup, some of my kitties will carry toys...the favorite would be rosie rats,fur balls & kitty puffs...they use other toys for wrassling with (their KirbySticks and Hot Cats).
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When I do my nails Tailer steals my emory boards and orange sticks. I have to be fast to get them away from her.

Toes will steal pens.

They both do this by picking it up in their mouths and taking off.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
I always cut the tails off because Zoey eats them
crazy kitties

Maybe I need to gather up all my kitties mice and cut the tails off of them before thay decide to eat them.
I learned my lesson with my kitties eating stuff they shouldn't.
Last year at Christmas I put tinsel on my tree and one of my kitties loved to eat it.She was pooping out tinsel.
No tinsel this year.
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