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Indoor Cat Wants to Go Out

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My cat is an indoor cat, he will be 2 years old in November.

Lately, he has been running outside, doesn't go too far but I am worried about this. He sees my dog go out all the time and he is probably wondering why he can't. He stands by the door, when my dog is out and he just meows and meows. I feel so bad for him but I don't want him to become an outdoor cat or keep running out.

I was thinking of getting a harness and leash and let him come outside on the deck with me. Has anyone experienced this behavior?
Does anyone walk their cat on a harness and leash?

I'm trying to think of everything to make him happy and for me not to worry about him running out and running away..
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I take mine out on harness and leashes. There is a lot of information here about how to do that, if you go to the top of the page, look for the search button just below the Royal Canin ad, you can search on harness and leash training.

I decided to take mine outside so they would know where they were, and I would know how they would behave, if they got outside accidentally. And it worked, they have escaped for a few minutes from time to time, and I know exactly where to find them. And if they are outside and scared, they run right to the front door to ask to be let in. It makes me feel better. They go out once in a while, but prefer to be inside by far. Except for Sam, when he has a hairball, he cries and cries to go out so he can eat grass.
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my cat wants to go out aswell and i live in high rise flats when someone comes to my door you cant open it that wide because chubbs just runs out the door, and once he even ran up the back stairs it was so funny because he had me chasing him to try and catch him but when i got closer he would stop then run again, i was totally raging when i caught him but he just looks at you with those loveable eyes and you have to forgive him.
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I would like to thank you for posting your advice and information.

I feel much better about this now and will be shopping for harness
and leash for my furbaby.

God Bless you and your pets.

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Maybe you can have someone stand outside with a big scary mask on (perfect for Halloween) and then call your cat over to the door. when he is interested, open the door and scare the bejesus out of him. make sure the person outside is almost face level with kitty.

Just an idea!
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