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Help, please

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I have reciently lost my 17 month old kitty who was lovingly known as Dink. Feeling lonly now she has gone i have opted to take on a young male tabby from a litter of 3 my friend's cat had 4 weeks ago, however, i am really worried about them. My friend's family has a large amount of pets (9 cats and 4 dogs) and as you can imagine this leads to a lot of fleas. The kittens are infested and i'm worried that this will harm them. The smallest (Mya) has become very lathargic and is struggling to nurse, my friend is trying to had feed her to make sure she is eating but i am conserned for her welfare. I have suggested that they take them to the vets imediatly but for some reason they seem to be dragging their feet, which makes me ! Is there anything i can do to help Merlin, my new baby?
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They are so young to treat for fleas without hurting the kittens. The best thing to do is get a flea comb a fine toothed comb, a small jar of warm water with 3 drops of Dawn dishwashing lotion in the water. Comb the kittens out slowly, dunk the comb, and keep on going. Tell you friend that anemia is a real concern and can put the kittens in harm's way, even kill them if not treated. They have to be at least 6 weeks old to treat with kitten flea treatment that you get from the vet. Also tell you friend that if a cat has fleas, it probably also has tapeworms.
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Thank you for your quick reply, i will pass the info on asap. I will keep everyone posted on how well the yougsters do. With luck, they will do fine.
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Now who is Merlin ??? Is this your new 4 week old kitten ???

I would go right away to the vet with them , they may end up dying very quick . They may are already amemick (sp) .

She can take some warm water in a cup or class and put 1 or 2 trops of the blue Dawn dishwash liquit (sp) and dunk a flea comb in there and comp the little kittens . But don't bath them , they are to young for that . Your friend really needs to get her cats neuter/spayed as soon as posible , or she may end up having 50 cats soon . And if she has already a problem going to the vet now with 9 cats , she will have more problems when having more cat .
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Unfortunatly Mya has just passed away, she was just too weak to continue. Hopefully the advice you have all given me will help my friend to save the two remaining kittens (Shandy and Merlin). I will keep you all posted on how they do.
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oh man , how sad
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