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Last week, my FIL's cat started acting weird. She wouldn't eat, drink, or anything. She just stayed down in the basement. I told him to watch her and that maybe it is just upper resp. or something and that if she cannot smell, she would not eat. He did take her in a few days later and they hooked her up to an IV and kept her overnight. She still wasn't better and they had no idea what it was. The next night they kept her and then discovered she is diabetic.

I have never heard of that with a cat! How do you feed them/take care of them if they have that? She is like 15yo...why would she just cower in the basement like that?
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Our first cat had diabetes My mom had to give her an insulin shot once a day. You have to be really careful that you give the right amount or the cat could convulse and die Is the cat overweight? It sometimes happens to older cats who are overweight.
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No..actually she is pretty thin, but she does tend to hunt frequently outside. I was really concerned about feline leukemia since my FIL never takes her for shots or anything.
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Is she still at the vets? Maybe you can call and tell them to do a complete round of shots and blood tests.. (though I'm sure they have, if they found out she is diabetic).

I hope your FIL can take care of a diabetic cat... Otherwise maybe you can help out?
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It is actually common in cats especially those of advancing age. Your vet can show you all you need to know to keep her healthy. Unless you have an aversion to needles- then you will have to work through that part of it.
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My friend who has an extreme aversion to needles has a diabetic cat. She says the needles are very small and it is easy for her to do each day. Your vet can show you how to do this.
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