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Tomorrow's my last day at work...

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It really hit me today. Tomorrow will be my very last day at my home store. It'll definitely be a sad day for me, but I'll cheer up once I get started at the new store. This place is like a second home to me...I actually spend more time there than I do at home.

Today I had to go in to have a drug test done (it's mandatory for promotions). While I was there getting the paperwork, I noticed on the bulletin board that the store is having a lunch for me & they're taking donations for a nice gift for me also. How SWEET is that? When I seen that, my eyes were tearing up. I just couldn't believe that they would do that for me. I definitely felt like I had accomplished something while I've been at this store. I've made a lot of friends & have had a good ride while I spent the past 10 years of my life at that place. There were days that I hated it, but the good times definitely out weighed the bad.

Just had to share with you all how wonderful my coworkers are to me. I'll miss them all terribly!
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I think that is so sweet of everyone. You are a very lovely person, so I can understand why your co-workers want to do all of that for you. I know you'll be just as well liked in your new position, and location.
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Well thanks Hope! That's so sweet of you to say!
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Shell - I am not surprised that everyone likes you!

I wish you all the best in your move and your promotion.

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Shell that's so sweet! I'm sure you will be very missed at your old store and tomorrow will be bittersweet for you, but finally you're starting this new path and I can't wait to hear about it when you start at your new store as management!

Hope the luncheon is fun and that you have a good final day!
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Awww! Thanks everyone! That just so sweet!
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Shell that's so nice that your coworkers like you so much. Just think... you'll get to make even more friendships at your new store! And I'm sure they will like you just as much there.
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It's scary not knowing anyone at a new place. It's not hard for me to make new friends, but it's just ackward for me. I'm sure it'll all be fine in the end.

Tonight was a little hard for me. I've been preparing myself for tomorrow, but didn't realize that I may not get to see some people tomorrow. So I had to say my goodbyes to a few tonight & it was kinda sad. I'm really going to miss some of those people & there are a few that I surely won't. It's a great feeling that after tomorrow I'll have 10 days off! YAY! So much to do during those 10 days, but I'm sure I'll be going stir crazy after a few days though.

Thanks everyone for the sweet words! I appreciate it!
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Hey Shell, like everyone else here, I'm not surprised at your co-workers. You are a genuinely friendly person. The fact that you're surprised just shows how humble you are and we can all admire that.
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Ditto to Ryan!

Love you Shell!
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I am not suprised they want to do something for you - you are a sweet person and they are going to miss you!
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How sweet of them! I´m sure they´re gonna miss you just as much as you will miss them. It must be a strange feeling to work somewhere for such a long time, and then move on to something else, as you say, it´s like a second home and family.

I´m sure you´ll make new friends quickly at the new place, but I know what you mean, it´s ackward to start at a new place and not knowing anybody.

Enjoy your last day, and start enjoying your little vacation before the next hassle begins!
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Shell I know how you feel. I worked for Lucky's (grocery chain) for 8 years. I had so many friends there.. it was like my second family. I used to go out with them every nite after work. I liked my job but it was a hard job (manual labor etc..) After I hurt my shoulder and had to re-train for a differnet field I was so heartbroken and depressed.. I couldnt believe I was leaving my job of 8 years.

Its so nice of them to arrange something special for you. I'm sure you can keep in touch with the important people ((( hugs )))
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Awwww {{{{{{{Shell}}}}}}} I am not surprised at all that your friends/ co-workers are doing this for you... You are a total sweetheart -- and you better bring some tissue and don't wear make up that day because I can tell there will be some happy tears shed for you, girlie!!

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Aww! Thanks Guys!

I just got back from my luncheon. I spent 2 hours BSing with everyone & saying my good byes. Luckily I didn't cry one bit...I'm sure I'm saving that for when I walk outta the store.

The luncheon was wonderful! Lots of food & gifts too! They gave me a leather briefcase with a matching pen set. They also got me a nice card with $25 in it. Plus my girls from the Pharmacy got me an adorable figurine of 2 snowmen on a sled. It's funny...I had just put those on the shelf last week & took one over to the girls to show them. I was just ranting & raving about how cute they were (I never would have thought that they'd buy one for me!). Yesterday I had noticed they were all gone & was a bit bummed out. But when I openned the box & was so delighted! I've attached a picture of it, but it really doesn't do it justice. It's got glitter on the scarfs & etc and the picture didn't really show that very much.

Over all the day's gone pretty well. I'm not looking forward to working tonight. I'd much rather stay home & finish up my packing. At least I've got tomorrow to finish that. Well, part of the day anyway. One of my Support Managers & I are having drinks in the afternoon since I won't get to see him before I leave. And a bunch of friends from work are taking me out tomorrow night to a bar. They're having Karaoke, so I'm sure I'll end up on the stage drunk off my butt singing some Hillbilly Song!LMAO!
Thanks again everyone! You guys are wonderful to me & I truly feel very blessed to have so many friends! Love ya all!
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Shell I'm not surprized one bit that your co-workers are doing that for you. Since I've been on this site I've seen you show your compassion towards others and you are a very loving and good person.

I'm sure that you will be just as welcomed in your new place and respected as you are right now!

Good Luck, Shell!
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what more can I say? I have only been here a short while but I can see why people would want to throw you a party!! Have fun and dont drink too much...unless you want to
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how sweet
Best wishes for your new job!
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Shell, what wonderful gifts. Something for your new career in management, and something pretty just for you. I am just thinking about how pleased they must have been to have heard you raving about that figurine, and figuring out that they would give that to you! So thoughful! And you will think of them in your new home.
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How sweet of your coworkers, Shell! And it's no surprise that they like you so much! I'm sure no one deserves it more than you do!!
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