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At Wits end with Mother cat !

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The kittens are 6 weeks old very chubby cute and all spoken for.
Hers the thing after my cat had here kittens I started to feed her wet food had never done this before and she was always happy with dry food.
Well the food did not arrgee with her and she stated to poop every where(you know what I mean)
I stopped giving her the wet food and thats when all hell broke lose she started stealing food off the babies highchairs and counter.
When I feed the kittens( they eat wet food which I am starting to mix with dry) I have to put her in the other room or she will steal the food from them she will even growl at them.
They are using the litter box but i have to clean it out right away or the mother cat goes into the box and eats it!
She also will not let them sleep every time they fall alseep she stands by the basket and mewos so loud that at night i have to sometimes but her in another room so I can sleep, once she wakes the kittens up then she goes and finds a place to sleep and then after the kittens fall a sleep she goes and does the same thing all over again. Why will she not let these kittens sleep.
She is still nursing them but that does not seam to be the reason she is waking them up!
Today she stole a loaf of bread off the counter and put it in there bed. they have food (dry) and water beside the bed so i dont get this!
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I would get her fixed as soon as she is done nursing. That might help her alittle to be more relaxed.
If she never had can food and you gave her some it might have upset her stomach because she wasn't used to it. If you start giving her very small amounts and then uping the amount alittle that should work. Is she eating adult or kitten dry food?
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I think she was trying to provite for her kittens when she got the loave of bread . Thats a normal instinkt of her , since you don't have any mouse in your house lol . She may also go through some hormone change now , I am guessing here . You can try mix a spoonfull of wet food with her reg. dry food and some water and maybe she is happy with that .
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All right, I think that this image is really funny. "Look babies, see what momma found for you". I have no advice, except it sounds like she is hungry.
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If the kittens are eating solid foods, get her to the vet and get her spayed and also checked for parasites.
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