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How much is too much (for cat adoption fees)?

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I am on the hunt for a new kitty and I went back to the PetSmart where I adopted my kitty Leo from (I am looking for a friend for him). I was dissapointed to see that the organization that I got him from was no longer there. It was replaced by a new one and as I was looking around I saw that the adoption fee was $125! I was in shock I paid $90 when I adopted Leo and when I went to the local human shelter their fee was $85. Is it me or is this a very large fee? I know that they put a lot of money up for the cats in getting them fixed and their shots and that they have to get the money back but I still think that is a lot of money to charge. Does anyone agree?
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At a kill shelter I paid $60 for Zoey, that included spay and microchip.

I just paid $120 for Saki from a no kill shelter. That also included neuter, microchip, collar, first 2 sets of shots, deworming and a bag of food.

Personally I dont care, I will just pay it, because the money goes for the care of the cats
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Wow! The shelter that I adopted Kahu from cost me $60.
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I am asking because I think that setting such a high fee will hinder adoption by some people. If I really wanted a cat I could pay that amount and I know that it does cost money to have a cat and keep it healthy. While at the Petsmart I picked up some more stuff for Leo which prompted by boyfriend to exclaim that I spend more on my cat that I do on him! LOL.
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i think our SPCA charges $65. Sebastian was free and we adopted him from our vets office. I don't think the price matters to much to me. If I was looking for a kitty and found one I was in love with I would be willing to pay a decent amount.
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My friend Sherry paid Max's adoption fees as a gift to me. The Humane Society charged $40.00 for a male and $70.00 for a female. That included his first shots and nueturing. He was only 3 months old (too young to get fixed) so they gave me a certificate to bring to the local vet office.
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They're asking $250 for the Bengal kitten at a rescue, thru Petfinders.
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Sounds kinda pricey to me - I got Jake and Elwood from a no-kill shelter and paid only $100. That was for both boys and it included neutering and shots.
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I adopted Cheeto from the local shelter and I paid $100 and that included neuter, shots, microchip and 2 months free pet insurance. Plus, don't forget when you are adopting from the shelter, you are also helping support the shelter. That is part of the way they make their money.
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I totally understand that these no-kill shelters need to keep in "business" but I think that they also need to keep into mind that their "prices" may stop people from adopting. I can see MAYBE if the cat was purebread but that may be an exception. My $90 fee included shots, neutering and other stuff too. So I was willing to go that high. Everyday I look at Leo I think about how happy he makes me
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This is true. But, I think it is still cheaper than if you were to get a cat from a pet store. I've seen cats at pet stores for $300 and that didn't include fixing or shots.
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At our Petsmart, there are two different SPCA's that have pets there. One is $129.00 for adults, one is $169.00 (That is Canadian dollars). For kittens, they charge 20 or 30 dollars more. Except last week, when they had really adorable kittens that had already been fixed, they were $200, which seemed steep. I paid $129.00 when I adopted Bailey, and got a voucher for $80.00 when I had her spayed. Usually they are fixed and that is included in the price, but there was a respiratory virus going around the shelter, so they got the healthy cats out to adoption centres before they were infected.

The local rescue society charges $120.00
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The other thing to remember is that city or county run shelters are subsidized by the government, and they probably don't "see" the vet bills as the private rescues and shelters do. So generally their fees will probably be higher than the public shelters.
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I guess it depends on the no kill shelter. The one that I got Leo from was only five dollars more than the local county shelter. This last one I saw was a private no kill shelter as well. Guess I am a little more price conscience that I should be
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If you look at what a vet charges for comparable services, anything under $200 is a bargain. In my area the average cost is:

Speuter - $50-60
FeLV/FIV Testing - $40
Deworming - $15
Office Visit - $15
Shots - $35
Microchipping (insertion of chip) - $20
Michochipping registration - $45

That does not take into account all the food, litter and extra vet care they receive because a large majority of the cats are ill when received at a clinic. Many vets donate their time to humane organizations, but they do NOT give out these services for free.

While all clinics do not provide all of these services, you must keep in mind that most adoption fees are at best, break-even. Our private no-kill shelter doesn't even get their money back for their $75 adoption fee and depend on voluntary donations to keep their heads afloat.

I also look at it this way: so I skip buying that new outfit or that extra night out and give the money to save a cat.
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That's right. The vet special rate for spaying in town here is about $80.00. Bailey was also microchipped, and that was registered. And she had her shots, and had been dewormed. All of that for $129.00. I thought that was quite a bargain. I didn't ask for the $80.00 that my credit entitled me to get, I thought the SPCA could use the money more than I could.
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I just paid $ 75 dollars for Jezabel from our local kill shelter . She got spayed and had some shots and that's it . No micro chip no nothing . But they also barely make the ends meet .
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i was just today at a cat shelter in the county over from me, i didnt even know was there until a few days ago, my sister and i took some food and some cash over to help out, they had so many kitties, they were in a nice place but still its sad, but we were talking about how stray cats and dogs are really getting out of hand people are so unresponable, they did get govt. dollars but no longer because they cut some programs out and they got hit, so they survive on public donations and some bussiness, they have had to raise their fees because they have so many more cats now. i would say that is why the increase is happening and i can understand why, more animals to care for.. but compare the happiness that that cat will give you, some parting dollars wont hurt... i thanked the lady that was there today for doing a good job for these kitties and i hope i can help out again and i will. they charge 70$ that includes spay and nuter and 1st shots and 1 month of flea meds. and also worming. my vet charges 55$ she works for our humane socitey and that includes spay and neuter and 1st shots..
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I paid $60 for Peaches at the Humane Society of Utah. She was spayed, had all her shots and microchiped.

I Got Carmella and Henrietta at the Arizona Persian rescue and they charge $100 each and the lady that runs the place appologized for charging that much (even though I told her there was no need). She explained that she felt $100 was a bargain because the cat's she takes in are purebred. All pets are spayed/neutered and have all shots. They are only microchiped if it was done by previous owners.

Prices seem to vary. Maybe depending on how much outside funding they get. But it's still a bargain if you think about the price of altering and giving shots etc.
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Even though we paid only $40.00 for Max, whenever I go by the Humane Society (it is in the next county) I stop in to give them some cash in honor of Max. The Humane Society in the next county does not kill, unless the animal in unadoptable. They have had one cat for 3 years. Max is my furbaby and I'm just thankful that they are there, so I want to support them in their efforts.
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Tucson's HS charges $85. This includes shots, spay/neuter, microchipping and three months' pet health insurance. I don't believe that this is out of line.
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I think that is a really good price. That is what I was expecting to see since "paid" just about that much for Leo.
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I agree that is too high. The organization that I volunteer for at PetSmart only charges $35.00. That covers spay/neuter and it's 1st set of shots.
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I got Roxy for free when he showed up at my door, but ended up paying about $200 for all the proceding vet charges for shots, neuter, etc, so I would consider $125 reasonable with everything included. But I do agree it's a lot for a shelter.. At my local petsmart kittens are like 2 for $80 or $60 a piece, and at my shelter I think they are around $60. But of course it would go to the shelter, and I end up donating to shelters anyhow, so the extra money isn't a big deal, after all, it's helping other kitties to find forever homes But if that's out of your range, which I understand, just go shop around at shelters, I'm sure you'll be able to find cheaper.
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hockeygrrl75-was the cat you were looking at a purebred? Also, it might depend on the area you live in. I live in Los Angeles, and everything is more expensive here.
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I didnt think that they were. I did notice that the kittens were $125 and that the adults were $100.
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Having dealt with the budget and set adoption fees with the local animal shelter I know what goes into this. At our shelter we received a bit over $500,000 a year from the county. This ALMOST paid the salaries for the staff. We raised an additional $150,000 to pay the rest of the salaries, buy food, pay for vet care, pay for licenses, phone charges, computers, software, cleaning, equipment maintenance, office supplies, animal control and care equipment, etc., etc., etc. We also raised $250,000 to set up a clinic to spay/neuter our own animals. That money paid for the equipment and renovations for a surgical suite and recovery area - but no operating costs. This reduced our per animal spay/neuter cost from $65 to roughly $48. (This is an average.) We also vaccinated all adopted animals for rabies (just under $5 per animal), other vaccines (~$5-10 per animal), tests (HW for dogs/Leukemia for cats - ~$12+ per animal depending on the test). The adoption fee for cats was set at $75 - which just covered these costs and did not include any of the care for that animal up to the point of adoption or for any of the animals that never did get adopted. We did provide a microchip for an additional $25 (included both microchip insertion and registration - and I got pretty quick with the insertion after so much practice.) A number of local vets provided reduced fees for services, but they still have a business to run and they were not free by any means.

The normal for spay/neuter at a vet for a cat around here is roughly $100, and that doesn't include any shots. The local low cost program will provide the surgery plus shots for $60, but does not include any lab tests.

Rescue groups generally tend to have higher charges. They have less overhead since they're usually in people's homes, but also have higher vet expenses and less fund raising capacity.

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When I adopted my dog from the shelter last winter I paid $60 for her, and she'd already been spayed and vaccinated - a spay for a large dog is $$$, so I think I got a pretty good deal. She didn't come microchipped - I did that after I took her home. I think adoption fees for most pets here run b/w $50-$90.

I spent about $85 on little Ivan's FELV/FIV test, exam, vaccinations and deworming, though I gave him to his new family for free. A cat neuter here runs about $30-$50. However, the shelters do get their vaccines & medications at a bulk rate - it doesn't cost them as much as it does an individual rescuer. But they do need to feed and care for all their animals, and if they're no-kill, they will have some animals who've been there long-term that need to be supported.
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Personally, I think the adoption fees from shelters and rescue groups are quite a good deal. All of our dogs and most of our cats are from the local shelter. We took in one local stray (a "free" cat) many years ago and ended up spending nearly $10,000 on her over nine years. We lost her this past March when she reacted to the anesthesia for her last round of medical issues. I have absolute confidence in our vet so I know it was an unavoidable loss (it was still very sad to lose our little wild child.)

I guess what I'm saying is: if you can't afford the minimal adoption fees at shelters/rescue groups can you really afford to feed and provide vet care for that animal? If not, are you really in a position to take an animal into your home?

OK, sorry to get on my soap box. When I was on the board for the local shelter I dealt with many people wanting a "free" animal. I even had a complaint that the people that worked there shouldn't be paid (they're not paid much!) and the food we got was free (it's not!) so the animals should be "free".

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The rescue group I am with charges 100$ for each cat. This includes s/n, FeLV FIV tests, deworming, deflea-ing and any other care the cats needs prior to adoption. The only time we come out ahead is on a male kitten who needs neutering only, but other cats need major work, so there is no profit. I think this is very reasonable and since we are non-profit, all monies go to help the animals.

Anyone who argues over the price or does not want to pay does not get a cat. If they cannot afford (or don't want to pay) the adoption fee, what will happen if the cat needs vet care, or surgery?
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