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Minor biting problem???

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OK, Luna is normally a sweet-heart. But, sometimes she nips us. We can't figure out why. Sometimes, it's when we're playing with her, and I think then she's just over excited. But sometimes, while I'm putting make-up on or on the computer, she'll nip my foot! She'll also sometimes do it randomly when I'm petting her! It scares me more than anything else; she has never broken the skin. I normally say "NO" firmly, and if it's my hand she's nipped, I'll sometimes tap her nose gently.

I just don't know what to do. How can I get her to stop? Why does she do this? Also, maybe if it's just one of her quirks, I should not worry about it, since she never does it hard? Or, if I ignore it, could it get worse and one day she'll really hurt me? Help!
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Sounds like love nibbles to me, Viva!
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There is a thread that addresses this issue:


Look for:
Aggression Due To Overstimulation While Petting
Play Aggression
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I think the majority of kittens do this. Saki is very affectionate, with head bonks and everything.. but when he's in a playful mood he will nip our fingers and chase our feet LOL. Zoey still bites when she plays but not nearly as bad.. and almost not at all since I got Saki

Maybe she needs a friend to take out her aggression on ?
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