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OK, so I know all about how to introduce a leash to a cat. What I want to know is what kind of harness is best? H-shape, or figure-8? I think those are the only two . . . Also, Luna is still growing, so can I get an adjustable one for her?
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Nakita squirmed right out of the H shape, so I have used the Figure 8 kind. She couldn't get out of that one, even when she was a a tiny kitten.
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I haven't had any luck with the "figure 8" harnesses - JC gets right out of them. I usually use a small dog harness, with an extra band underneath. Have a look at these jackets - they're great:
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Mine love it b/c it's the only way they're allowed outside. I use a very lightweight 6-foot leash & just follow them (one at a time, of course!) around the yard while they investigate their surroundings.
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my blackie loves to go out on his leash, i use a small dog harness because those little cat harness wouldnt fit him he is 14 pounds. i adjusted it so its not real tight but not too loose either and have never had any problems and he has bolted a few times when something has scared him and i had ahold of the leash tight and he stayed in the harness. he loves to hunt for grass hoppers and crickets
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I'm going to move this to the proper forum for you.
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We have an inside cat, and we've been trying to find ways that we can take our cat outside, because all cats should be able to go outside now and then.

We bought a harness (I think it's an H harness) and he ran around the house with it on for quite a while. He was a bit irritated, but got used to it.

We then allowed him to go outside on it, after we knew he was okay with the harness.

This is where the trouble began. When he pulled away from us on the harness he would pass out!! This scared us practically to death, so we took him back inside and put his normal collar on him.

We really want him to be able to go outside. Is there anything else we could do other than build a cage?
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Might take a look at this site:

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thanks a bunch
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Those are too cool! Although I can see the evil tortoiseshell look of death I would get from Lilith if I tried to pick her up by the handle on that...
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