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I Woke Up to a CATastrophy!

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When I woke up this morning I couldn't believe my eyes when I entered the living room and the rest of the house. As some of you know Aragorn & Legolas have just turned 7 months old and oh what they did while I was sleeping!

As I came out of my bedroom I found toilet paper strewn throughout the house. I followed the roll and it took me to the computer room and the spare bathroom. I can't blame just one of them it has to be both of them that did this! I took the roll of toilet paper off and started to rewind it onto it's roll and it went all through the computer room, down the hall into the kitchen then into the living room and dining room and finally it stopped at my bedroom door!

I looked at them both and they were lying on their bed which is in the dining room which I converted and put a brass daybed there seeing as we never use it. Lying there like nothing in the world was wrong with the "Sweet Innocent Faces" staring at me. Like, "What's the matter Mom? Is something wrong? We think the house looks just fine!"

I think I could have killed them but they looked so damned cute about it all. So now I took the toilet paper off and placed it under the sink so if anyone uses that bathroom they will have to go under the sink in order to get the toilet paper!

Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else?
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Hmmmm . . . well, just yesterday, came home to find my favorite lamp broken! Grrr . . . Apparently, Luna must have tried to jump off of the table, but on the side with the lamp on it, which means she must've been aimed right at the lamp! What a mess that was! And now my bedroom has only one tiny lamp in it to light it at night!
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That is my house!!

You just described my house and my cats.

The thing is, after a while, keeping it under the sink isn't enough, they learn to open the cabinet and then you wind up with bits of toilet paper around the house. I had to baby lock all the cabinets. They haven't learned to work together to get them open....yet.

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ROFL! YUP, happened to me too. Spike would catch towels or blankets with his teeth from my bathroom shelves/bedroom shelves, drag them down and leave them all over my apt.

He also did that with my clothes so once when my friend who was babysitting my cats while I was on vacation came to check on cats, she found clothes in EVERY ROOM in my apt. POOR Mary had to pick up each item, fold it and put it back on my shelves!

Already put toilet paper in my bathroom cabinet with baby locks on it so I haven't had to deal with toilet paper being scattered all over like u guys did.. (KNOCKING on wood!)
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LMAO!!! My JB and now my son love playing with the toilet paper LOL!
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omg LOL !!!! Mine dont seem to interested in the TP and so far nothing has been broken..... *crosses fingers*
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Since I have had my cats, I have had 4 floor lamps broken, 2 statues broken, 1 vase broken, 5 plant pots broken/damaged badly.... Still counting!
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Originally posted by Jellybelly
LMAO!!! My JB and now my son love playing with the toilet paper LOL!
Wouldn't you call that Human Interferance? LMAO
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LMAO!! Yep, especially when stuck on the toilet and find the TP on the otherside of the room LOL!
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LOL the amount of time I've woken up with a house that looked like a tornado went thru it, when it was nice and clean when I went to bed. The thing that amazes me is that they can do all this mess & we never hear them.
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my cats have been know to go in the undies drawer and drag our delicates around the house
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Yeah. Em likes the TP too.

One Saturday I did my laundry but didn't fold it. I just took it out of the dryer and left it in the hamper in the living. I was getting ready to go out when a friend of mine from work dropped by. We sat and talked for a bit and then Em came running around with a pair of my purple underware in this mouth!!!!!!

I laughed my head off.
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Oh and if I don't put my bras away Em just loves them. I can find them everywhere.
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My Panther will do the same if aloud! He loves to unroll the TP directly from the holder and then drag it around the house, all the while making sure he rips and tears it up in order to leave little tiny pieces everwhere! We now keep the bathroom door closed!
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Originally posted by Luv Those Paws
I had to baby lock all the cabinets. They haven't learned to work together to get them open....yet.
OMG!!!!!! Is that something that I'm going to have to go and buy, Baby Locks for all of my cabinets?

Do I also have to look forward to our underwear being dragged all over the house as well? Isn't there anything sacred in my house anymore or did I get kicked out?
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Our cats don't seem interrested in the TP, thank goodness, but Kermitte (our 3 yr. old female) will stalk me down if I sit down on the couch with a bowl of popcorn! She won't do this for anything else... just popcorn. And it doesn't matter if she's right out in the open, she figures if she moves slowly enough, I can't possibly see her! (she did it TWICE last night!! Stalked me down, waited a few minutes, and when she didn't get anything, walked away. 5 minutes later, she stalks me down again!! my mother was crying she was laughing so hard!!)
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Well, my female is the more destructive of the two. She LOVES to destroy things! In fact I made up a song about it that I sing to her all the time (o how I love to destroy things, that is my favorite chore, trash up and rip and annoy things, one thing or two things or more...) She recently chewed the strap off of my new BCBG shoes! My fault for leaving them out, I guess. We are musicians so we have soundproofing foam on the walls, every morning we wake up and there are chunks of the foam all over the carpet! We can't have a vase of flowers anywhere in the house because no matter where it is she will jump up there and tip it over!!! Silly kitties!!
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BTW if you put the roll of toilet paper on so that the flap hangs down the back instead of over the top, they can roll and roll it and never get it offa there!!! That's what I do!
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Originally posted by amyspear
BTW if you put the roll of toilet paper on so that the flap hangs down the back instead of over the top, they can roll and roll it and never get it offa there!!! That's what I do!
That's how the toilet paper was on so that they wouldn't be able to do what they did. But, they grabbed it with their teeth.
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I could just imagine the sweet looks on their faces while they casually lounge on the bed, or at least how the cats I know would look. Bad kitties!
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LMAO! Funny thread!
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The only one of mine who ever did the TP thing was Shasta -- lo, these many years ago, now. And did she ever do it! All by herself, all over the house -- except the livingroom, whose door I could and did close when I was not able to supervise. Others have watched the humans taking paper off the roll, but never got the idea that they, too, could have this experience. Praise be!!

We've had lots of greeting cards and photographs toppled off the mantel, but learned reeeeeeal early to move the irreplaceables high enough that they can't get at them, and mostly we've managed without serious mishap.
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WOW! I must have little ! My guys have never shown interest in the TP, or opening cabinets, and they never have broken anything.

hmmmm....why do I have the feeling I just tempted the fates.

I must admit that one of my fellas has a bra fettish! It's the only piece of clothing he'll try and steal.

Gotta love them!!
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When Tailer was a kitten I used to have to hide the TP too or else she'd spin the whole darned thing off onto the floor or worse, into the toilet! You can't just flush that stuff down you know.

Toes will turn on lights. Freaked me out the first time it happened, but he'll jump up and turn lights on and off.
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Oh, and this is kind of gross, but Tailer likes to pull used tissues or feminine things out of the trash and rip them apart and spread them all over the house. I've never had a cat like that. I tried trash cans with lids, then trash cans with snap on lids, then putting the trash can inside the cupboard. Yes, I needed child proof locks on my cupboards. Darn cat was able to get into things I had troubles getting into!
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ROTFLMAO!! You were TP'd!! The things we have to put up with owning furbabies....

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TTMom - It is gross, but my cats will do it too. They used to get into any waste baskets I had in the house. So, now I have one garbage can in the kitchen that I bungy corded to a microwave cart so they can't knock it over or get into it.

And that theory that if you put the TP on backwards they can't get at it, my girls get at it and turn it into shreds and then scatter it around the house, or worse, eat it. So, TP in the baby locked cabinet it is for me!
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Yep, sounds familiar! They stopped doing the toilet paper thing a long time ago, but we still have to hide the paper towel rolls. Mr. Underfoot & Sylvestra think they're the perfect size for rabbit-kicking! If we ever forget & leave the roll out, we find bits of shredded paper towel everywhere, and the remaining half-shredded roll unrolled all over the house. Mr. Underfoot is crazy about bread, too - if we leave a loaf of bread unattended after it's brought home from the grocery store, he'll tear into it and eat a bite out of each piece - he's not content just to take a slice, he has to tear up the entire loaf! It's kind of good to know we're not the only ones who have to latch our cabinets!

Also if Felixia feels like you're not paying enough attention to her, she'll jump up onto the shelves & start knocking stuff off.
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Does anyone know if they will outgrow this toilet paper stage?
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