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Small kitten...behavior issues...

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Hello all!

I have been sneaking around this forum for a while, but never got around to registering.
I need advice for a friend who just got a kitten. He was told the kitten was 8 weeks old when he got him (2 weeks ago)so he would now be 10 weeks old...but to me he looks 8 weeks old especially since he tells me he has grown a lot since they got him....they rescued him from the SPCA. He has been at the vet for a check up and deworming and shots, according to the vet he is all clear.

The first issue the kitten as been meowing constantly, at everyone and for everything, they are going nuts he will calm down for a minute and than start over! They put him up in his own room. It a quiet cozy place for him and he does quiet down once he is in there, but if they make noise elsewhere in the house and he hears it he will start meowing again.

The other issue is that he doesn't seem to understand how to clean himself. He will stay dirty, he just gives himself a couple a licks and that is it. He will step in is water and than go to the litter box. He gets full of litter stuck on his paws. He also doesn't seem to clean his bum. A few days ago he had runny poo and he did part of it in the litter but then dragged it all over the floor.

I have never had problems with kittens before. I suspect he was either left without a mom early or taken away too early and dropped at the SPCA.

Thanks for all of your help!
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Sounds a bit like my Little Oscar! He was separated at about 5 weeks old (dumped at my doorstep). Your friend's poor kitty sounds like he is suffering from an early separation problem. They can get frightened if left alone (as in "are they going to do this to me again?"), and wasn't taken care of long enough to know about proper grooming.

If he is the only kitten, perhaps invest in a Snugglekitty - they are used for young kittens as surrogate moms. If alone, play soft music for him (classical or something calming). Have your friend spend as much time as they can with him - once he gains trust that he isn't going to be abandoned again, he will calm down.

Grooming will take a little more time. Put a throw rug or towels in front of the litter box - if his feet are wet, they will dry off a little before hopping in, and if not completing "business" in there, the rug might pick it up - you can throw it in the washing machine.

I make a point of petting their entire body - either long strokes or short ones as if their mom was grooming them. If he is really dirty, use a warm washrag that is slighty damp (NOT wet) and clean problem areas. Wrap him in a warm towel and dry thoroughly afterwards. Most kittens will learn to groom themselves over time - early separation ones usually take a little more patience.

Oscar has come a long way in the 1-1/2 weeks that I've brought him in. You just gotta be more patient with the tough cases sometimes.

I'm sure that others more good advice for you.

Good luck to your friend!
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Thanks for the tips.

I sent your reply to my friend via email yesterday. They are really greatful and they will start using your ideas right away. They were just so confused about what to do, and I am afraid I didn't have much experience to help them.

Thanks again
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