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Is FIV contagious?

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I had always thought that FIV was only contagious through deep bite wounds, that the saliva had to get deep into a cat's system for them to be infected. Everyone I had talked to said this. But I was recently talking to a lady who works at an FIV sanctuary, She told me that FIV can be spread through saliva, so the cat has to be isolated from FIV - cats. i have a cat who is FIV but there's no way to separate her from the others. Has anyone heard anything about this? Does anyone know if FIV is contagious through saliva?



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Hopefully the information you'll find in these articles will be helpful to you.
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An FIV sanctuary? Or FeLV?

If she really works for an FIV sanctuary, that is incredibly sad that she's so misinformed. frown.gif

Here is the Cornell brochure on FIV:
The primary mode of transmission is through bite wounds. Casual, non-aggressive contact does not appear to be an efficient route of spreading FIV; as a result, cats in households with stable social structures where housemates do not fight are at little risk for acquiring FIV infections.

I have an FIV+ kitty living in an RV with us and 7 other cats. He's been here for 3 years. He is very close to one of our other cats, Billy. He and Billy groom each other literally for hours a day. They just had dentals, and for the heck of it we asked them to do the SNAP test on Billy. He's still negative. smile.gif
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