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A month away from Tabitha

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Hi everyone, It has been a while since I was here. Life just gets real busy sometimes. Tabitha is doing great and has adjusted to her new home...so have I adjusted to her. Now, I am going back to the east coast for a month and need to leave her here at home. Friends are going to come and take care of her twice each day and have promised to "spend some quality time" with her as well. Any ideas of what I should expect before I go (suitcases coming out) or when I return. There is no way she can come east with me. She was born and raised in Alaska, it would be too hot, she does not like to be in a carrier and I must attend a week long conference before I get to the East coast. I am feeling more anxious than she is...as of now. I would appreciate any help or hints on how to do this. Thanks, Maggs
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Is there anyway you could get someone to house sit instead of just visiting a couple of times a day? The reason I ask is that cats get lonely. The longest that I have left my 2 cats is about 3 weeks, and that was with a catsitter who lived in my apartment while I was away. I actually always use a catsitter if I am going to be gone longer than a few days. The first time the cats were a bit stand-offish when I first returned. After that, they were always fine.

On the other hand, my neighbor who leaves his cat periodically and only has someone look in once or twice a day, is having major problems. (I don't know if you read my posting "My Neighbors Cat.")

I don't mean to scare you or change your plans. Each situation is different, but it is definitely something to think about.
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Hello. I agree with JgSmith- Cats need company and stimiluation. Is there any way where u can have a friend come stay? Someone can stay with the cat during the weekend then just come visit for an hour or so everyday during the week? If it's hard to find someone who's willing to stay, maybe u can ask a few friends to take turns? And maybe if u're planning on going away for long times, u should consider getting another cat to keep Tabitha company. Just a thought..
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