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School kitty

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This morning, a cat kept coming into the school where I teach. One of our facilitators--a pseudo-administrative position--loves animals and asked the Life Skills teacher to watch over the little one. She looks like she's about 4 months old. She's white, with a grey spot on her head, reminds me of the trips and Snow White's kittens. She's also very dirty and her tail is messed up. Some of the fur is missing.

She's so cute and friendly. I picked her up and she immediately started purring very loud and kneading. The students are very good with her, playing gently.

I live 2 blocks away, so I went to get some food and litter. She was hungry! I don't know what will happen to the little girl, I'm really tempted, but I am afraid my cats would react badly.

Luckily, I have my camera with me today, so I can take her picture and post it later.
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awwwww the little thing was hungry, i hope she will find a good home, your cats wouldnt like her at first but they would acept her. but if you cant take her maybe you can find someone that can and be good to her. i hate it when i come across a stray, i want ot takem all home but i cant, but i do try and help them all i can... its so sad how people just dicard them like they are nothing.. that burns me up good luck, looking forward to seeing the pics..
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Oh poor sweetie! Are you sure there isnt any way you could take her home? Sounds like she would love a new home

Cant wait to see some pics!
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Brenda, she sounds like a real doll! I bet there is someone who will be smitten by her. Perhaps, since you live so close, you could foster her for a while?
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She sounds like an absolute darling! Can't wait to see the pic's! Even if you can't take her, she's at a SCHOOL. With lots of kids. You know someone will convince their parents to let them take her home!
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There are several students who want her. I'm going to the Humane League later to pick up some flea treatment. I called, and the woman I talked to said she would give me some, and I don't have to take the cat in. She really is a sweetie.

You can see the dirt on her head in the one pic. She has some fur missing on her tail, maybe you can see that, too. I'm sure she'll find a good home.
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omg how cute!!
I wonder if she's lost??
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Oh, she is beautiful!!! I'm sure she'll find a great home. She sure wandered into the right place.
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She's an absolute angel. With a face like that who wouldn't want to take her home.
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I want to take her home :cry: She is soooo cute!!! Sending prayers that she finds a good home
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she looks like one of MA trips , she is soooo cute
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She is adorable! I hope she finds a great home!!

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Looking so cute, I dont think she will have a problem finding someone to take her home. poor thing!
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Oh, she's precious! I hope she finds a good home
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How cute! She should be able to find a home with her looks AND being affectionate! grin.
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omg she is soooo pretty, surely someone would want a beautiful cat like that, who wouldnt thanks for taking care of her
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One of the teachers here who has 9 cats already is going to try to find someone for her, too. If noone else takes her, I will at least keep her over the weekend and see what happens from there. I brought her food this morning, she was sooo hungry. i also gave her flea meds from the Humane League. She keeps shaking her head, so i suspect ear mites, but she seems healthy other than that. her litterbox was well used this morning!
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MA - who let one of the trips out?

OMG she is so sweet.
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What a little sweetie! I hope a good home is found for her.
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I think the teacher who has her in his room is taking her home for the weekend. Even though his wife said no. He just wants to sleep on the couch for the weekend. Another teacher's dad, who is a vet, came in and looked at her today and said she looks pretty good. She certainly has a good appetite. I brought in what I normally feed both of my cats in the morning, and she ate half for breakfast.
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She's such a cute little girl.
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ROTFL!! I have to agree... that's one of Maryanne's Trips! She looks like a total sweetheart!!!
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Well her father must have been some sort of Blue Smoke/silver cat because that's the color she's masking. And she looks about five months old. She's so cute.

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what a sweetheart, did she have ear mites? she sounds like a real lover, I am sure she will worm her way into many hearts before it is over with.
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The vet who looked at her today--for free!--said he didn't think she has ear mites, her ears just need cleaning. I stopped in to see her at the end of the day, when I picked her up she started to purr and knead my face, without claws.

I took kitty wipes in to clean her up a little, she looks a lot better, and her fur is a lot silkier, too. Another teacher brushed out the flea dirt and dead fleas from the treatment I gave her. SHe is getting very spoiled, and I know she'll find a good home. The students love her, I can see them playing with her and petting her when I walk by the room.
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I'm so glad to hear she's getting such good care! You all are 's for taking care of the sweet little girl.
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I forgot to mention that the vet also gave her the first round of shots. Also free. He has a large animal practice, so isn't equipped to test for Feline Leukemia or FIV, but it sure was nice of him to innoculate her.
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That was really sweet of the vet to do that . Thats great that the kittie is doing great und looks good . She may found a home soon
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Give me back my kitty! Looks like Blinkers!
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originally posted by hissy
Give me back my kitty! Looks like Blinkers!
she does!
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