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We're back

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Had some down time due to server problems - but looks like we're back now

Thanks for those of you that emailed!
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Glad I wasn't caught up in all this!

I would have been so upset, No TCS!LOL!

I was on MSN! But thanks for that Anne!

and sorry for my life story!

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boy, was i itching to post...
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glad you are back
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Hi everyone!

Missed reading about your lives-so I went to bed way early for me.
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welcome back i hate it when i cant get on here, i just get busy sometimes and cant, so i know what you mean
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I've learned not to email..lol. I know it will be back. And I know how many tons of emails you all get when the site goes down.
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Hmmm . . . didn't even know it was down! But then I haven't been here for a couple days . . .
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I didn't realize it was down either. I went to bed early last night, so I must have missed it all.

Glad to see that we're up & running!
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22angel had me on IM saying that she couldn't do anything on the site. Meanwhile I posted a couple of posts so it was fine for me.

I'm glad that it's back up and running again though.
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I thought there was something wrong with my computer!
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