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Off to the Vet

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Cagney and I are off to the Vet now...hoping the bleeding is a minor problem, and that she is Not pregnant!

Wish us luck,

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My thoughts and prayers are with you both!!
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Sounds like she may have pyometria, which is an infection of the uterus. Please let us know. I'm interested.
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My meows and prayers are w/ you both!!!!
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Cleo - Any news yet? I hopw things are ok!
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Cagney and I just got home, and although a few of my questions were answered, some were not.
My regular Dr. Wade wasn't in, so we had a new today. Although she was very nice, I wish we could've seen Dr. Wade.

The blood in Cagneys stool is not caused by a parasite or worm, and there is no sign of infection. They did a fecal exam "float and smear", and found nothing abnormal. She said to come back in 3 days if it continues though, as its only been showing up for 2 days.
That was the "good news and no news".

Now the bad news...
It seems as though when my "little princess " went missing for a week, she found herself a beau..or maybe 2 or 3... and is now pregnant!
Her spay appointment was first set for June 25, but she was missing then, so I re-set it for July 25, looks like she had other plans!

The said they could still do it, but the risks for Cagney would be higher...I just can't do that, to her or to her babies. So it looks like I'll be having a full house in about 6-7 weeks
As soon as we're able, I'll have her fixed (I hate that word).

So, thats my news for today, thanks for your concern and support!

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Well, Cleo, I'm happy that your baby does not have an infection. As for the pregancy, mistakes happen to the best of us (I currently have 5 5 week old babies). Just make sure to get her spayed when the babies are weaned, and you'll be fine. Keep us updated on her condition!
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I'm glad that Cagney is not sick. I wish you luck with her babies.
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Cleo; The most important thing is that Cagney is not seriously ill! Thank God for answered prayers.

You will come to anticipate the New Arrivals and it is not too early to start "Propaganda" on the Joys of a New Kitten to your friends. Get them all involved in wanting to see the new family and I bet you will have homes for the "Little Darlin's" in no time. You know how we (here at the Site) all love Kittens!!!!(MeowMan, here's another chance for you to get a fur baby. . . .

Please keep us posted on Cagney's pregnancy. Love and kitty kisses:

TLK and her 6 =^.".^='s
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Thanks TLK!
Ya know, funny as it may sound, I'm more excited about the upcoming kittens than I am about my upcoming Grandchild! But there are good reasons for that! :

Yes, I just went to the yesterday, but already half my pals know! :LOL: 2 years ago, when Cag had her other litter (I know, sigh,) my co-worker Gale took one, and he's so beautiful and loved! She has another OLD cat who's close to the Bridge, and is thinking about taking a kitten...she's a wonderful person and I'd be able to see the baby as it grows.
I'm very picky about who gets the babies, and see all 5 of the last litter.

This is her 2nd and Last...but I am excited! This is gonna be a long 6 -7 weeks!

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Cleo!!! I just read this thread...and I am SO glad there is nothing seriously wrong with Cagney!!! I hope you keep us posted on how she is doing....and I can't wait to see pic's of the liitle babies when they arrive!!!

Also....I did get your CD.... my hubby got the mail, and forgot to give it to me, till I asked him if he had gotten the mail recently...and when he said yes, I asked, was there a CD in it?
And he said...Oh ya...there was a package.
So he is bringing it home with him tonight (he had left it where he works, and forgot it)
So I will listen to it tomorrow, if not tonight!!!
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