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Landlord Ordering all Pets out of the Building in 7 Days!

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There was a story tonight on the local news here in south florida. In a huge apartment building in Hialeah, FL, a landlord ordered all pets out of the building in the next 7 days! People were protesting and very worried what they would do with thier pets. I hope all of the pets survive and the owners either move or find someone who will take care of them.
Here is the link to the very brief news story
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Oh my gosh, can they do that? Only give 7 days notice? I hope they can't. I can't put here what I think about the landlord.
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Omg for a sec there I thought it was you Ginger!Phew! However that's a sad story!

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The whole thing just doesn't seem legal... in addition to evicting the pets, they have a rodent problem and the fire alarms don't work ~ I smell a lawsuit
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OMG how awfull . I also wonder if that is legal to do .
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wow, i would get out of there if anyway possible, it sounds like the health dept. could be brought in there and the fire safety code is broken, i would getting some higher ups involed, as for the landlord, he or she is mean and heartless in IMO.... i wouldnt want to live under his managment...
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I don't know about FL laws, but I don't think they can do that. You have to go by the lease, not by the whims of the manager. Also, they usually have to give you 30 day notice on anything. If I were them I'd hole up and stay. You could get 3-6 months depending on how smart you are and the eviction laws.
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Oh, I didn't see the fire alarm and rodent problem. I would have been out of there way before now. Doesn't the stupid manager realize that cats and dogs control rodents? Now the idiot is going to have to pay for an exterminator.
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I just want to make sure that everyone knows that I don't live in this apartment building. I saw the story on the local news and had concerns for all the pets.

The news said that the lease states that "pets are NOT allowed". But, the landlord has not enforced the policy for 10 years! So all these people who have had thier pets in the building for up to 10 years not must get rid of them
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They need to talk to a lawyer or renters' rights organization. In some states, if you've lived openly with pets for a certain period of time even though the lease says 'no pets', they can't force you to get rid of them. Boy, I sure hope all those pets don't end up homeless!
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Yeah Ginger you scared me too Thought it was you..

Anyway this is ridiculous.. 30 days notice at least should be given. I dont know what I'd do..
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Oh, Ginger, I thought that was you! Still, is that legal?? It sounds pretty shady to me . . .
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I would say the 7 days notice can't really be enforced, but I know landlords can demand that you either get rid of your pets or move, even though you lived openly with the pet, at least here in California, because it happened to me. Where I used to live, I was permitted to have my cats, then the original owner passed away, and his son took over the building. He told me to get rid of my cats, or move. I chose to move. He did however, give me a couple of months to find a new apartment. I told him, I would NEVER get rid of my cats, especially Snoopy, who was at that time 16 years old.
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That is so NOT RIGHT!!!!! I know that Florida has some very weird and strange laws as I have a lot of friends that live there. But this?????

I mean is this Fully Legal? Is the landlord of his rocker? What ever happened to the US Human Rights?

I believe that even people living in Florida have Human Rights and what about the animals they also have Rights as well don't they?
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I will post more itf there is an update on the news tonight, so far, no update
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Smell that? It smells fishy to me! There is no way that this is legal.
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It would be very hard to enforce that without evicting the tenants. Eviction is a long process (around three month), so if the people are willing to look for another place to live they might be able to keep their animals. Maybe with all the plublicity a rescue group will help place or take in the animals of the people that can't move for whatever reasons. It sounds to me like the landlord would rather see these people move for whatever reason.
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He probably wants to get rid of all of the tenants, so he can renovate the building, and then charge higher rents.
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Grrrrr...this doesn't seem right also...especially since there are other problems with the complex. If anything, the manager would want to charge the tenants for having pets but why tell them to get rid of them?
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That happened to me. The apartment I was living in had been sold, When the new owner came, he found that I had 2 cats and not just 1 like he thought. I was told to get rid of the cats or move. A friend of mine kept my cats while I looked for an apartment that allowed cats.

Where I am at now, pets were allowed when I moved in. When the present landlord took over, he said "No pets" I could keep mine because I was already living here.
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