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Need help, my baby kitty is sick

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Hi Everyone~

I am new to this forum and I need your help. My husband found our kitty, Chance, in the middle of no where in Minnesota over a year and a half ago. When she awoke this morning she was feeling fine. Even watching a squirrel up close, a screen in between the squirrel and her and her sister, Sahrena. Both cats are indoor cats.

Ok, so here's the problem...after watching the squirrel Chance drooled a little. My husband and I thought it was because she was excited about seeing the squirrel. It went down hill from there. She started throwing up, like she had a hair ball, but it was just clear yuck. As the day went on she kept throwing up more and started laying around quite a bit. She kept drooling enough that her front paws were wet from it. I was able to reach the vet and took her in this evening. Chance is right now at the hospital getting IV's, antibiotics and blood work done. The vet said that her temp should have been 102 and it was 96.

Does anyone have any ideas of what she may have??? I don't think it is distemper as I have read that they run a fever and have diarrhea with it.

I will be on for quite some time tonight to see if there are any responses so please respond if you can.

Thank you~
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I dont know what it could be but I just wanted to send some healing vibes for your furbaby

Let us know what the vet says!
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I am sorry that your cat is sick, but glad the cat is in the care of professionals. Sometimes, subnormal temps are as result of enteritis, though they usually will vomit bile not clear. It is hard for someone to diagnose over the internet. You did the correct thing and got this cat into the right hands quick enough.

Please let us know what the findings are?
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Could be a lot of things. Could she have gotten into something that was poisonous (a plant, chocolate, bug sprays) or swallowed something that she shouldn't have (rubber band, etc)?

Blood work will tell if distemper, but as my vet explained it to me, the early signs of distemper are usually extreme lethargy or depression, with vomiting/diarrhea coming later. Of course all cats are different.

If the vet finds nothing conclusive, I would suggest an x-ray for possible blockage.
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Thank you all for the kind thoughts and purrayers. Chance is home now. Two nights in the hospital. She was given lots of fluids and started on an antibiotic. Her blood work showed a high white count and that her liver was being attacked. The vet isn't sure what she has but since she is responding to the fluids, which she was extremely dehydrated, and the antibiotics he felt we didn't need to do further testing. Chance will have to take the antibiotics for a month and then take her in for a re-check. Of course, unless she shows signs of failing again. Chance's sister, Sahrena, was happy to have her home again as we all are.

I wanted to add a picture but couldn't figure out how.

Thanks again~
Pam and Chance
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Pam I'm glad to hear Chance is doing better. If you like you can send me a picture and I can post it for you.

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Is Chance eating? That is important especially if her liver is under attack. Best of luck with her, also push fluids on her, see if she likes Pedialyte that will help her as well.
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