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Hi, I've usedd this forum only once to ask for suggestions for my baby's health but I've been reading a lot and you are all amazing. I am Mom to Angus "Gus" who is a 12 year old tabby who has been my best friend his entire life. Tonight he is at a sleepover at the Critical Care Clinic because he has had respiratory problems for about 2 months. Tomorrow he will undergo a scope and whatever necessary surgery required. This came on so suddenly I don't even know what to think, he's always been very healthy. Our vet has said it could be anything from something stuck above his soft palatte to cancer. Please think of him. I don't think I will sleep tonight. Here is a picture of my boy.
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Awwww what a cutie I am sorry that your baby is so sick . Be sure I will be praying for him ((((HUGS))))

I also want to Welcome you to this site
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he looks like a real lover. I hope things okay for him!
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Aw, Gus is a very handsome little guy. I'm sorry to hear he is sick. Lots of positive, healthy energy coming his way!
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Gus is a handsome fellow. *sending good vibes his way.*

And of course - Welcome to TCS.
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Welcome to TCS! Angus is beautiful, I hope he's okay*Healing vibes coming his way* and a Big hug for you!
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Good Luck Gus!!!! Welcome to the cat site
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Welcome! He is a beautiful boy! Good luck Gus! Sending get well kitty vibes.
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