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I did it!! I finally got a Bengal

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I got a marbled tri-colored Bengal kitty on Saturday. I named her Molly . I brought her home Saturday night and Lily freaked out. She started hissing and growling, which I have never seen her do, but was expecting it. :uhno: She attacked me when I was sitting on the couch, she attacked my mother. I was crying I thought I was going to have to return the kitten. I put the kitty in the bathroom to sleep and was worried that Lily would hate me. After 3 hours of Lily crying and whining she came and slept with me. That made me very happy We got up yesterday and things were a little better. Lily was very interested in Molly and Molly was proving the be able to hold her own. She would hiss and growl back and Lily would run off! Molly slept in the bathroom last night and this morning when we got up I let her out to play and Lily was not hissing any more. Just pouncing and knocking the kitten over. Is this dangerous? I put the kitten in the bathroom today while I'm at work. I don't want to keep sticking the kitten in the bathroom. What do you guys think? Lily doesn't hurt Molly, I think she is just trying to show her who is boss. I feel as if it is going to be good. Everyday is a little better. When I left Lily was at the bathroom door crying and Molly was on the inside crying. The other drawback is the kitten is only 8 weeks old. I am taking her to the vet this week to get her first shots and a once over. Oh and is 5 months too early to get spayed?

Thanks for reading my long message. I am really happy and love Molly already! She is full of personality and is so precious!
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I love Bengals, and would like to have one at some point. Can't wait to see pictures of her.

I have zero experience in getting the kitties used to each other.

did you get Molly from a breeder? Just curious because I would like to get one at some point so I'm filing information away for myself when the time comes. Nitecrwler got me hooked. his little Tiki is so precious!

:girly2: :girly1: :girly2: :girly1: :girly2: :girly1: :girly2: :girly1:
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I did get her from a breeder. I have done almost a year of research. I looked all over the internet, my boyfriend got two of them. They need a lot of attention... but hey, what cat doesn't :LOL: She is 7 generations away from the Asian Leopard. I have a complete blood line from the breeder and I will get her papers when I have her spayed. In some situations the price is more if you want to breed.

She loves water and dunks her head right into it. She jumped into the shower this morning and didn't seem to mind. I am always laughing. I would recommend Bengals to anyone who was thinking about getting one!!

I will send pictures as soon as I can. I don't have a digital camera, so it's kind of a pain.
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Welcome Molly!!


You will have to post pictures when you get them, Molly sounds adorable.

Sorry I am new to kitty's and have no advice to give you. Although I just got a kitten 2 weeks ago, my other is 7 months old, both males. The older one was really rough with the kitten for the first two days, but now they are buddies. Good Luck with yours.

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Now I want one so bad! I want a kitty that dunks her head into water!!!
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Hi Robin.. My cat is 4 years old, and definitely set in her way. But, I think like with your situation, it isn't going to take to long until they are friends. Lily is really interested and she is not hiding from me or the kitten. She wants to be a part of it all, just isn't quite sure what to do other than pounce.

AP - I would say go for it!! Bengals have a reputation for being extremely laid back and very people oriented. My friend came over yesterday and she jumped into his lap and that is where she stayed. She was wrestling with his coat strings. The water is so funny.
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CONGRADULATIONS!! Loki and I are thrilled for you!

Airprincess: Not all Bengals like water - my Loki
can't stand to get himself wet - go figure. Sorry to burst your bubble.
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I wish I could get another one, but I already have 2, and I'm not sure how they would take to another cat. they were feral, so they are still a little bit shy. getting better all the time but I know we still have a long way to go. I don't want to upset thier routine. that is the only thing keeping me from getting any more.

maybe I will be able to after more time has passed & they feel more comfortable.
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I too would wait if I were in your situation. It's sad to up and disrupt the little angels

You will know when the time is right.

Hell603... Sorry to hear your little Loki does not like water. I love that name. Does is mean anything?
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Me too would have loved to have him in the shower with me or something - he does hit the tub but only if dry.

Loki was appropriately named of Norse god of mischief. He is the light of my life. If you like you can check him out in the lounge - I posted a picture under the heading "picture of my baby boy"!! Enjoy her as much as I enjoy Loki.

Best to you both!!
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I was sitting in my bedroom with my 4 year old Lily when all of a sudden we heard a loud bang. I ran into the living room and little Molly had dumped over my glass of water. I ran and got some towels and she was sitting under the table letting the water drip all over her. She was just watching it!! Needless to say... she was soaking wet, but I laughed for such a long time!

New babies, are so much fun
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Congrats on getting a Bengal!! I cannot wait to see pictures of her! As for playing.... how do they play? Do they 'rough house' or is your Lilly bitting? Scooter is only 8 weeks, and Gizmo (6 months) wrestles with him and do they play rough! But, he doesn't hurt Scooter. And, he does the same thing to Scooter, as Lilly is doing to Molly.... he pounces and knocks him over! As a matter of fact, Scooter actually runs and jumps on Gizmo and knocks Gizmo down!! :tounge2: Although, every once in a while, Gizmo will bite on his ear. You should be ok... just be in the same room as them when they are playing.

Tigger got spayed when she was around 8 months.... but 5 months should be ok; just check with your vet!
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You can train Lily with a clicker and the way in which you do, you will be able to teach her good behaviour and so when she is with the kitten she will be on her good behaviour. It is hard to explain in this thread, but it can be done though it takes some time. Email me if you want the particulars on it. And the baby sounds adorable! Can't wait for pics, and it should be 6 months before spaying.
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Originally posted by swalker
[color=purple]I got a marbled tri-colored Bengal kitty on Saturday. I named her Molly . Thanks for reading my long message. I am really happy and love Molly already! She is full of personality and is so precious!
Congrats and welcome to the club! Can't wait to see pictures of Molly. I've never owned a cat before so I don't know if Tiki's behavior is normal or not. She is definately "needy" and hates it when I leave. She is also very vocal and will answer me almost everytime I talk when looking at her. For those who are looking for a Bengal because of a certain trait, dont' set your expectations too high. Every cat is different. Don't expect your new Bengal to LOVE water. Mine is slowly growing impartial. Do expect a soft (almost bunny like), wild looking, lucid animal.

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I'm so happy for you dear!!! Hope all goes well and Lily and Molly (their names sound so good together!) get along perfectly!!!
CAn't wait to see the pics though!
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Thank you for all of the responses!!

Nitecrwlr: you are so right. Each cat is very different, all special in their own way

So I left Molly out to run around yesterday and was very nervous when I got home. Believe it or not all is well! It only took 3 days and Molly and Lily are getting along great!! Lily was cleaning Molly this morning and they were both sleeping on the bed with me

I feel so incredibly grateful and lucky that this didn't take months. Lily is still a little unsure of Molly but I really think she's gonna love her. Everytime Molly cries, Lily goes running right to her.

Tigger and Hissy: Thanks for the timeline of spaying. I will wait until she is 6 mo's. Also, how important is it for an inside kitten to have a leukemia shot? I have heard many different opinions.

I am taking the digital camera home tonight so I will hopefully be able to take pictures of both of the kitties for you all to see.
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