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My Cats In Heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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my femail cat is in heat is there anything i can do to stop her from biting, clawing and hissing and everyone in my house??????????????????
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Have her spayed.

My cat (adopted) went into heat two weeks after I got her. I called the vet the second day. It was torture for the week that it lasted. And the vet made an appointment right away, because she said, you never know when they will go into heat again. So she had her operation about 2 days after the heat ended, and we all love her now.
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Sure there is, get her spayed. It will cost you about $20.00 more than a regular spay. But she should be spayed quickly.
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I agree , you need to call the vet asap and tell him/her that your female cat is in heat . You may get a quicker apointment for her . Good luck .
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spay, spay, spay.

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and just in case you need to hear it again: SPAY your kitty PLEASE!!! thank you!
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Please make sure to spay or neuter your cat. Unless you are a professional breeder and your cat is part of a professional breeding program, please spay/neuter your cats before they reach sexual maturity (at the age of 4-6 months). By spaying and neutering you enhance your cat's quality of life and improve his or her health. You are also proving your love for cats because in acting as a responsible pet owner you are minimizing the problem of cat overpopulation. Please read this article and don't hesitate to ask for more information in the forums.
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..I hear you you all. You are so right. Spay.
My Anthoine(tte) went in heat a couple of days ago..today she's missing and I think gone.
She was a cat that "adopted" us..when she became social enough to stay overnight, we took her for a health check-up and shots. Next step was spaying her but we thought we'd wait (HA.. she couldn't obviously) until next week as we're leaving on vacation. Arranged to board her and spay her during her stay.
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If she come back just keep her and then you still can get her spayed
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