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I'm so broke...mega shopping spree today!

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I'm so terribly broke right now. I spent so much money today...a few thousand dollars worth!

I signed my lease today for the apartment & I don't think I've ever wrote a check so big in my life. With all my deposits, rent, cable & cancellation clause...I wrote a check for just over $1000. OUCH! That hurt the checkbook a bit! But I did get my loan today from the bank, so it's not too bad. After I signed & paid for my apartment, I went furniture shopping. I just love my new furniture & I can't wait to actually use them. I get them delivered to the new pad on Saturday! I found a link to a website that has a couch & loveseat similiar to what I've bought. It's actually the same color in the pic as what I got. The tables in the picture are different than what I got, but they are some what similiar too. The whole set (couch, loveseat, 2 endtables, 1 coffee table & one big lamp) cost me $790 with tax. I thought that was a really good deal for as nice as they are. After I bought the living room set, I headed to Denver Mattress. I bought a new mattress, box springs & rails for $335 with tax. They were on sale! YAY! So after I spent my life savings (), I headed towards Walmart. They had a really nice bedroom set (headboard, dresser, night stand & a big mirrow) for $198. That was a great buy & they look more expensive than what it really was. I still need to buy some odds & end type stuff, so all the major purchases were done today. Thank God...all the shopping was hard work! So needless to say I'm flat out broke & I should be after spending almost $2400!!!
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Wow, Shell, I am impressed! Good bargain humting!

You shopped til you dropped!
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Wow! What a fabulous day! You are getting all ready for your new life, and I am really happy for you that you are buying all brand new stuff. I bet you can't wait to get all settled in to the new home, new furniture and new job.
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Wow , that was a pretty good deal with all you got
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hey im excited for ya, good luck on your new life and new job, and i really like the living room furn. thats nice, way to go girl
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I guess you're experiencing a little buyer's remorse. I'm sure you'll feel better after it gets delivered. The furniture does look nice.
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It is expensive to completely set up house, but you only have to do it once! From now on, no matter where you go, you won't have these kinds of expenses (furniture wise, anyway).

How exciting for you! The buyer's remorse will go away when it all gets delivered and set up and you take a look around your new apartment and are able to say "This is MY home!"
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I checked out the link to your furniture and I like it! Very nice! And Heidi is right, at least you don't have to keep rebuying this kind of stuff.
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Shell the furniture looks nice. Congrats on the new stuff! Can't wait to see pics!

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LOL! Shell - The furniture looks very nice. To me, setting up house is just as much fun as shopping... Now get you butt over to Pier One and go insane - LMAO!!

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I'm still excited as I was when I got home last night! I just can't wait to get there!

I promise to take lots of pictures once everything is set up & ready to go.

Yesterday was a blast even though I was aggravating Ric to no end. The poor guy..he was a real trooper through it all. I was so indecisive about everything! He figured I would walk in there, point to the ones I want & pay for them. That's just not me! I wanted to try them all out & take my sweet ol' time. Once I picked out the sofas, I was off looking for endtables. Ric found the ones I LOVE & he sent me off to find lamps. I just hated all the lamps that I got to choose from, so Ric bargained with the salesclerk about trading in the 2 lamps for 1 big lamp. Then I couldn't decided which one I like the best. Ric finally had enough & yelled "Just pick out a F-ing lamp! It's really not that hard to do!". I told him off a bit & finally decided on the lamp. Everything's good with us...I was just on his nerves a bit.

We did have a BIG chuckle at Denver Mattress. The sales guy told me to pick out the mattress I liked & lay down on it. I told him that I really liked this one & I wanted it. He told Ric "You know, you should lay on this too. Unless you don't expect to be sleeping with your wife?". Ric & I busted out laughing! Ric said "Yeah, I do plan on sleeping with my wife!". We giggled the entire time after that...the sales guy was clueless about it all. Once we got in the car I asked him "So, when do you plan on sleeping with your WIFE in MY bed?". He was speechless because he was laughing so hard! It was just too funny at the moment.

Thanks everyone for the nice compliments on my new furniture! I promise to post pictures ASAP! And Kim, I'll be hitting Pier One this weekend!
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LOL, Shell! That mattress story cracked me up! I LOVE furniture shopping, as well any other kind of shopping for the apartment! You found some really awesome deals, too! You go girl!

P.S. -- I think EVERY woman gets on ANY man's nerves she takes shopping with her, LOL! I know I annoy Alex to no end. He's like, "It's a freakin' (insert item being shopped for here), what's there to decide on!?!?!?!" This goes for anything from socks to an expensive suit to furniture . . . anything.
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Oh, I LOVE Pier One! I stay out of there, normally, though . . . I always end up spending money that I don't have!
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I can't wait to see the pictures. I think this is so cool. Makes me wish I was moving to a new city or state, and starting all over fresh.
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LMAO.......Your mattress story cracked me up.

You are one very smart shopper Shell, just for my mattress alone it cost me $4,000. OUCH!!!!!! That was on sale but it's also a King Size and a double thick so I have to buy special bed sheets for it.

I sure could have used you around when I had to refurnish my house!
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I'm definitely the bargain Queen! Shopping is my hobby & catching all the awesome buys is my favorite part of shopping.

Just got some really awesome news just now! I called the gas company & the electric company...and I don't have any deposits to pay them! I was expecting to fork out at least a hundred to each of them for deposits, so that just more money to spend at Pier One! YAY!

I also got my Road Runner service hooked up & they'll be installing everything on Monday. So, I'll be away for a couple of days but hopefully I'll be back on Monday! I'll probably check in here on Friday just to say hi & bye for a few days. I'll miss ya guys!
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Oh Shell that story cracked me up big time!

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Could you imagine what the sales guy was thinking while we were laughing our butts off? He was definitely a strange guy, so his comments really cracked us up.
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you're going to be so comfy and cozy in your new place! Maybe I'll come see you! Afterall, it's just a couple of states away!
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You're more than welcome to come visit! The girls & I would be delighted!!
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Hey Tammie - stop off in Colorado on the way, OK? (I'm actually not that terribly far off of I-70.)

I know exactly what Ric was going through. We have a strange relationship when it comes to shopping. Earl LOVES to shop! I can take it or leave it. So it's usually me saying "Just get something and let's go HOME!"
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Good luck in your new digs, Shell! I hope you're very happy there! :icecream:

Just remember this little bit of superstition my grandmother told me - when moving into a new house, never take your old broom with you. Get a new one so you're not sweeping your old troubles into your new home!
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