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hi, my name is natalie and my cat Teddy is missing! 

he is a blue british short hair, male. he responds to teddy and is 16 months old. He has a thick coat and with no markings, his tail looks stripey. 

he went missing on Sunday 1st september coming upto 48 hours now and we are really missing him, and i'm affraid his brother will pine for him. 

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I'd post flyers all over the neighborhood and ask every neighbor to keep an eye out.  Call local shelters and ask if they've seen him, too.


Also, if you think he's still in the area, you can go out at night (say 10 pm) and quietly call his name.  He might be afraid to come out during the day, so calling him at night, when it's quiet, will help him hear you.


Good luck!

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It's always so difficult when you've got one missing hugs.gif.  One of ours actually got out of the house and was missing for 3 weeks,, but eventually we found her :).  For the rest of her life she never, ever went near the front door again!  I sure hope you find Teddy again.


In the meantime, here is a thread with some helpful hints on finding a list kitty:

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Please update about teddy
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