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Wind Storm Puts a New Baby in My Hands!

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I am a new mother once more .. but just for a little while! Friday night there was a big wind storm where I live in Utah. A nest of 4 baby Robins flew out of our tree, destroying the nest and killing 3 of the 4 babes! One remained alive and we found him Saturday morning! He has endured such a rough ride so far.. 1 night of exposure and no more mommy or siblings to take care of him.

I took him in and made a few calls to see what or whom I could leave him with! Saturday turned up no one willing to house just one more bird! So I'm feeding the poor dear and housing him down in my basement with the necessities to help keep him alive!

I said a prayer for him to eat on Saturday when I found him and come Sunday he ended up doing quite well, having eaten so much and chirping at us, though last night he became lethargic again! I feel bad because I am stuck here at work while my relatives watch over him, but thank Heavenly Father that I am able to use the WWW here and look more into my options. I came across our Tracy Aviary this morning in my search and was given a number to a wildlife volunteer rehabilitator! She called me back just a little while ago and has agreed to meet me half-way to come pick up this little darling Robin later on tonight!!

It is amazing to me what I was told to feed it.. Saturday I was told babyfood, while today, both the aviary and this lady tell me moistened cat food! Luckily I have a cat!! So I called the troops and told them to feed him more often (every 45 minutes) with the cat food, and put him under a lamp to keep him at 90 degrees! I'm going home on lunch to spend time with my little bird friend and give him one more prayer that he may make it and live to be strong and healthy! I feel so sad for this one poor little bird, but I know he's being looked out for what is best for him!

Please keep him in your prayers too! Thanks for listening you guys!

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Wow, Vlinder! I hope the baby Robin is still doing fine. Keep us updated!
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Birdie thoughts and prayers coming to Utah!
Let us know how he makes out!
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I met Candy, the wildlife bird rehabilitator, yesterday evening after work to pick up my little bird! When she first looked at it she told me it wasn't a Robin, but instead a Finch! My heard dropped a little because I'm not a big Finch lover (I think they are rather annoying). But then I got home and there was a message from her .. I thought she was going to tell me it had already died! But she told me that she had made a mistake! She heard it's little voice on the way back "tseee" and found out it was not a Finch but a Cedar Waxwing instead!!! She said that this area is a rare nesting area for them and that I had done a good job keeping it alive! She said she gets, maybe, one a summer and that they are a really neat bird! Anyway, I looked one up for you all to view on another website... there are pictures of the adults as well as a good close up of the babies! I called Candy this morning to find out how it was doing.. I'll let you know when she calls me back!


Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for such a neat little baby!

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What a beautiful little bird! I hope he makes it!
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I checked out that site - what a beautiful bird!
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Dearest Vlinder

I feel so grateful to know you! The people on this site never cease to amaze me! You're a beautiful person!

By the way, that is quite a lovely bird!!!
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What a beautiful bird! I hope everything works out okay. Please keep us up to date on his progress
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I love birds. I have two feeders and a hanging water dish, plus I feed the doves and bigger birds on the ground. I hope your bird makes it and is healthy.

I remember when I was little about 9 that I found a baby bird and took it inside and was feeding it and keeping it warm. My mother made me put it in a shoebox and I left it to go to bed. The next morning it was chirping and looking feisty. My dad came home and gently took it up a tree where he spied the nest and put it back in.
I think it must have lived because we never saw it again. It was a sparrow. Maybe that is why I like Chipping Sparrows because they are so little and feisty.
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Dear Ms. Whitney

Who's the little lover you posted!??? What a baby! :

Love &
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Thank you, that is Smokey at about 3 months old. He was lying on his back with his front paws on a chair. I couldn't get the whole picture uploaded so just got his face. He is a little lover (well, big lover now.) He is four years old and about 15 pounds.
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Thank you all for such delightful comments! Catarina you are so right about the people here... I've read so many wonderful stories of people doing such great things for animals, etc. around them!

I meant to tell you all that on Monday (when I went home for lunch, much earlier than before I took the bird to Candy), that I had gotten home only to see my bird limp and with it's head cocked over, barely breathing and alive! My grand-father-in-law had been there taking care of the bird and said it was hopping around only an hour before! Well, I'm so happy I had come home to check on it because if my grandfather would have seen it like that I know he would have wanted it to just die and be put out of its misery!

But I like to fight, and I picked this baby up and worked and prayed to get some babyfood in it (since it took it the best)! I said another prayer and told Heavenly Father to just take this bird from me and put it out of it's misery, or to make it healthy... one or the other... I didn't want it to fluctuate up and down anymore!! Well, HE must have heard me because after about 15 minutes it was doing so much better! It was more alert and as I continued to hold him, and eat my lunch, he was doing 80% better by the time I headed back to work and I was able to prop it's mouth open and give it food to get it's bloodsugar going again!!

Well, I called Candy yesterday and she said she was up most the night with two little baby hummers and so the cedar waxwing got a lot of attention! She said she got his diet regulated, and his feces was a little more normal, she hydrated it, and had cleaned off it's wings! She said it wasn't the happiest bird but that he was still fighting and moving around! (Very good signs!!) She said it had 2-3 more days in a critical period since it had been exposed for one night on Friday night and it was just the wait! I think he'll do just fine! He is such a little fighter, having escaped dying twice! I know he'll do fine! He's in our prayers every night now and we even thank God for the opportunity we had to have this little guy delivered to our hands!

To all you wonderful friends out there, thanks for listening to my story! I miss my little friend so much, but I know he's with who he needs to be with to get strong and healthy!


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Dearest Vlinder, :angel2:

I got your response and I had to look to see how that baby was doing. I'm so happy that you're so happy!

With Much Love & God Bless You Always,
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Dearest Ms. Whitney

WOW WOW! He's huge now! Thanks for you reply!

Love &,
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I guess this reply is a bit belated but still...A lovely little birdie it is and I'm so glad you've given him a chance (well that's what Abyssinians are like).
I lvoe birds and have my little BEaky the pigeon who comes to my window sill every morning adn evening to get his fair share of crumps and to tease Eric.
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