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volunteer to help me with cat pics?

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Would anyone out there be kind enough to work with me on creating my own avatar (sp?)? I have NO clue what I am supposed to do and how to do it but I want to have avatars of my 4 cats .. Any volunteers?
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Pamela....it's really simple, and the same pics as your signature...but anyway, here's something for you to use if you want.
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GOSH! How did u do that???! THANKS!!! I'll try to figure out how to copy/paste what u did and see if I can attach that as my avatar..
Let me know how u did that so I'll know in the future...

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Glad you like it!

What I did was take the pictures in you signature, crop and resize them to 50x50 pixels, then put them in as 4 separate layers in Photoshop. Then I used ImageReady to animate them so they rotate every 0.7 seconds.
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THANKS for explaining how! Now I KNOW I wouldn't have been able to do it cuz I don't have Photoshop or ImageReady.. I want to buy Photoshop SOMEDAY..

THANKS again!
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Good job Heidi. Pamela, do you have a progam that you can resize or crop your photos in? Also, if your pics are already in GIF format you can resize them in MS Paint as long as you select "All Files" when opening them.
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Now you can select "Image" and choose "Attributes" from the drop down list. Change the pixel size to 50x50.
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If you have better software that allows you to crop, resize and tweak the quality of the pics then that's great. Anyway, if you get this far and you don't have a professional program like the Adobe stuff you can read this thread:


Microsoft Gif Animator is really easy to use if you don't have fancy software. It's also completely free and hard to find because it's being phased out of freeware and it's being included in a purchased Microsoft product. You'll be able to find it at the web site link in the thread though.
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