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I had fun today!

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Since I had the day off, I took Mom out to lunch. We went to the Cracker Barrel. She goes nuts, in the gift shop. They had a fuzzy, stuffed frog, that she fell in love with. I'll tell my dad about it - their anniversary is in a couple of weeks. We both loved this Victorian lamp, with glass bead fringe, on the shade. Of course, it would never work, in my house. Can you SEE Rowdy with glass bead fringe?

After lunch, we went to Foothills Outlet Mall. I've been looking for a pair of brown casual shoes and haven't found anything, to suit. I also needed a cardigan sweater, for work. Saks Off 5th Ave had some gorgeous shoes but, the cheapest pair was $100.00. Needless to say, I did not buy shoes there. None of the shoe stores had anything right.

We went to Dress Barn and I found a pair of purple corduroy pants, to try on. Heading for the dressing room, Mom squealed. There was the most beautiful suit: ankle-length black suedecloth skirt, with knee-high slit, topped with a princess-seamed tiger-print jacket. The slit caused Mom to pass on it but I tried one on. When I came out of the dressing room, her eyes bugged out and she said, "WOW!" I have to admit, I looked GOOD.

As usual, the pants were cut so big, in the hips and butt, three of me could fit into them. Back they went. THAT is why I buy men's pants.

Next to the dressing room, were some pretty lace blouses. Mom was checking those out. She decided on a white lace shell, with silver glitter all over. I bought the suit and the blouse. Since Mom is over 55 and I bought the blouse for her, we got the 10% senior citizen discount.

Down the mall, to Ross. Its Dress Week: women's dresses $19.99. Didn't find anything, right but I DID find a nice cardigan sweater, for only $10.00. They do an over-55 discount on Tuesdays. Shamelessly taking advantage of my mother, I gave her the money and got the discount on the sweater, too.

Its been several years, since Mom and I had a day out. She was thrilled. Between holding down full-time jobs and living out of town, it just hasn't happened. My dad is good about shopping but, it isn't the same as having another woman with you. Bill is good, too but I can't get an honest opinion out of him. He says that I look good in everything (or nothing).

The only thing better, would be a thrift-shop crawl, with my best friend, Katey.
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Shopping is co much fun! It's my favorite sport!

Glad you had a good outing! This is a great time of year for thrift shop outings, they put a lot of things out on the cheap as "Halloween costumes" that are in great shape and can be used year round: I got a black fringed suede Wilson Leather jacket at the local thrift shop a few years back, for $10!!!
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Sounds like a great time! Glad you could spend some quality time with your mom.
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Sounds fun Cindy! I love bargain hunting!

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sounds like a great day, my mom and my sister used to do that but since my dad got sick mom doesent leave him for very long, but it is different than when your with your better half, my sister and i still go and we have a blast, glad you got to do this with your mom, try and plan it again
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Mom says that next time, she'll pay for lunch. Then she said, "You drive." Since her stroke, Mom seems to have acquired a sense of humor. She never had one before.
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