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Update on Tatyana

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This is my Russian Blue kitty. She has grown a lot since we were last here. She is gorgeous IMO and has been doing extremely well at the Cat shows. One American Judge said she was one of the best Russians he had seen in Australia, She achieved Champion after only 2 adult shows and is nearly a Grand Champion.

I sent her back to Perth to the breeder I originally bought her from to be mated with one of her stud boys that had a different line. She was away for 2 long lonely weeks. On the day she was due to arrive back home I got a call from the breeder saying she had some really terrible news. I nearly died. I thought Tatty had died or was really, really sick! But the breeder had sent ............ THE WRONG CAT BACK!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I burst out laughing as there was nothing else to do really!
So we ended up with one of her females, needless to say it was not what little Jubes was expecting as she had gotten so close to tatty and was most upset to find out it wasn't her surrogate mother.
Tatty arrived the next night and I just burst into tears when I saw her. She had lost 25% of her body weight. She was slim to start with and couldn't afford to lose any. She looked awful. (Not unusual for a girl that has been with a stud.) Anyway, I sent the other girl back home and Jubes was just furious, she didn't want anything to do with Tatty and hissed for 2 days. On the 3rd day things settled down and they became best friends again.

The mating was successful as we can tell she is pregnant now. Her nipples are bright pink and I can feel little lumps. I am sooooooooooo excited. I have had many enquiries and am sorting through possible parents LOL! I decided that the kittens will be sold with 2x vaccinations, and desexed etc as that will protect my line and also stop any one from becoming a back yard breeder or having accidents.

We should have some stunning kittens and can't wait to see them. I know she will be a good mother. She is due on the 17th November so will keep you all updated.

So here are some pics, as you can see she loves eating fruit!!
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Snuggle Time!
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Best friends!

This was taken a couple of days after she returned. You can see how skinny she looks and her coat is so dull.

The one with her eating water melon was taken a couple of days ago.
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Leslie, Tatyana is just GORGEOUS!!! You aren't biased, she really really is. And little Jubes is just darling. Congrats on the upcoming babies. I'm sure Tatyana will be a fantastic mommy.
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Poor baby.. why did she lose weight? She really is gorgeous I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee Russians and grey cats
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It's nice to see updated Tatyana pictures! What a little sweetie. And Jubes is quite the cutie too!
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She is totally beautiful. I can't wait to see the kitten pictures.
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OMG! It's Bundy! I've missed you so much! Thanks for the update on Tatyana. She's such a doll!!!
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The steel gray coats are just MAH-VELOUS! I can understand how the judge can say she is the best Russian hes seen. Jubes is so pretty too. They match. I love matching cats!
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she is absolutly gorgeous

Do you know why she lost so much weight and why her fur was so dull ? Maybe stress and wrong food ?
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Hedi- When we have sent cats away for stud they have lost so much weight, through stress of travelling that's why we purchased two studs for our own

Leslie- What part of Australia are you in?

Do you know Denis Roberts from NSW? Cheryle & Rod Uren from Melbourne? They are some of the biggest names in cats over there, Get back to me on that.

Cat breeding is great huh. You have some lovely gals!

Take care sweetie, Sam
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Thanks for your kind comments everyone! I am totally biased though lol!

PurrfectCatlove As Sam said they do lose weight with stress of travel and also the mating they go through. As Tatty is not a big eater anyway she lost what she didn't really have to lose. She also would not have eaten if the male was dominant and disturbed her. She won't eat if even the Burmese kitten pushes in I have to feed her first and separately so she will eat. It didn't take long for her to put the weight back on and I took her to the vet as soon as she got back to make sure everything was okay. She is eating for several now and really gets stuck into that prime steak. Her coat has got the gloss back also so she really has done well!

Missed you too Shell, it is so nice to see familiar faces and there are so many new ones too.

Sam What cattery names do they have? The names sound familiar but I can't place them??
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Awwww...there's Nakita's Aussie buddy.

She's grown up to be quite the lady! It sounds like your having a lot of fun showing her, I can't wait to see the kittens.

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Beautiful cats - can't wait to see the kitten too!
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What a beauty Tatyana is!
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