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catnip bubbles?!

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Have any of you seen these before? I saw them at Target today and couldn't resist. The funny thing is that my cats just keep sniffing the floor where the bubbles land instead of trying to play with the bubbles. The thing is, they say they are non-toxic but does anyone know if these are really safe for the cats to play with??
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I haven't seen these bubbles but they sure sound interesting. I'm going to check them out at Wal-Mart (we don't have a Target where I live). I'll keep checking back to see if anyone knows anything about them.

Good Luck!!
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I bought some & my cats are scared of them! they won't even go up to them. they run away.
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I saw the bubbles at Petco. I thought they looked interesting, but haven't bought any yet. I'll buy and let you know. My kitten, Mac, is very playful. He will play with anything, so I think he will like them.

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I bought some catnip bubbles a couple of months ago and it's one of the few "toys" that my cat will actually play with. At first she was terrified of them but the second time I brought them out, she liked them. Now if she sees me pick them up, she actually follows me around begging to play, and she will practically crawl up my leg until I start blowing bubbles. (And she's not a touchy snuggly kitty either so this is a big deal for her ) She stands up on her hind legs and pops them in the air with her front paws. Or she'll pounce on them if they've landed on the floor - it's sooo cute.

I have been wondering about the "nontoxic" thing too, because Mindy licks her paws afterwards. I assume that since she is probably ingesting a very small amount it's ok.
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AP: That is so funny, Lily is scared of the bubbles also. But, when I put them away she searches all over to find them!! She will sit in the spot where the bubbles were and just sniff the carpet.

Strange kitty. They are too much fun
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Nikko never paid much attention when I blew regular "kid" bubbles. He would watch but never play. He loves catnip bubbles, though, jumping up to pop them or pouncing on them if they land on the floor without popping. This is interesting because catnip really doesn't have much effect on him. I'm not too concerned about him ingesting too much of the substance...like a previous user said it is a very small amount. If you're concerned about that, you could blow the bubbles so they pop over a towel on the floor. But the soap helps keep my kitchen floor really clean! hahahaha Two birds, one stone!

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