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strange scabs in fur

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I'm finally home after my holiday . Midnight is OK, the neighbours fed her but when i got in today she was famished- she ate a whole pouch of wet food in a minute. She has been fed  and cared for, but seems to be happy to see me and very affectionate, purrs very loudly. 

 But as I'm petting her I noticed some small yellowish scabs in her fur right at the corner of the jaw... both sides... doesnt look like blood but I can't see well since her fur is very thick.

Any ideas?

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I'm going to ask a mod to move this to the health forum so you may get better responses.


You should have a vet look at it, as it would be hard for anyone to guess what it is. What kind of dishes do you use for her food or water? It may be a type of acne that cats can get when plastic dishes or water bowls are used. Just an idea, but I'd have a vet look at it.

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It's common for cats to not eat as much when their owners are gone.  I think it's the fear of the unknown for them and they kinda go into survival mode.  Glad you're home and she's eating well for you.  As for the sores, I think I'd definitely take a trip to the vet.  Maybe she was gnawing on something and stressing out???  That's about all I can think of.

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she is not sore or anything, she even let me pick at them cause her fur is very thick and I couldn't see what they were. They are only on her head.

She also scratches at them a lot, first I thought she had fleas but there aren't any.

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Do the people who were taking care of her have any pets?  Wonder if they brought something in with them and then petted her on the head.  I think I'd definitely get her in to the vet since she's scratching at them and seems to be experiencing some discomfort from them.  It could be flea bites or it could be something like ringworm.

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Ok so after I cuddled her theres like a clear reddish liquid trace on my hand.
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Wash your hands and don't touch any part of your body.  Change your clothes, too.  That sounds like it could be something like ringworm which is contagious.

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Definitely need make her a vet appointment to have a skin scraping done... not as bad as it sounds. =) This will check for bacteria, yeast, and external parasites.

One of my cats came up having scabs on his neck, head and face. He also developed what looked like burns on his ears. After a few tests to check for ringworm, scabies, etc...and a trip to see a dermatologist, it was finally determined that the culprit was food allergies. He did not have the "typical" symptoms of vomiting/diarrhea. He was 7 months old when the scabs appeared. I initially thought one of his brothers had bitten him as the scabs were initially consistent with teeth marks.
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Another thought, though sounding less likely, was he around other cats or animals and gotten into a fight. I notice little scabs from claw marks when mine have played rough. These can infect if they are deep enough. But they can be just little scabs, especially on the top of the head, around the cheeks and ears and around the neck and shoulders. It seems to be where they will club or cuff each other.

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she is an indoor only cat and doesn't go around any other cat.

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