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Please say a prayer for Hadar

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I don't usually start board magic/prayers/good vibes threads but this story really touched me tonight.

Some of you may remember there was a horrible terrorist attack in Israel on Saturday. A suicide bomber came into a restaurant in Haifa during lunch time. The restaurant was packed full of families eating out on the weekend. 19 people were killed and dozens injured. Among the dead - 5 were of one family and 4 of another family

The funerals were held today as yesterday was Yom Kippur. I watched the news today and among all the horrible stories, there was one young woman who was at the restaurant with her husband and two children. The father was killed and her little 3 year old toddler is critically injured. She and her daughter only had minor injuried and were released from the hospital. It was heart breaking to see this brave woman who has just lost her beloved husband and now has to deal with the prospects of losing her youngest child - an innocent 3 years old little boy named Hadar. She asked everyone watching to please send prayers and positive energies to the little boy. I thought it wouldn't hurt to get more people involved. So please, if you can spare a minute, say a prayer for the recovery of Hadar. I can't bear the thought of his monther having to lose him as well a his father. There are many other hurt families - dozens of injured and families who have lost dear ones.

It could have been me with my husband and baby there as well. We were driving by on the way home from a trip up north and decided to have lunch at home instead. Others were not so lucky

Thank you!
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Would be very proud to. None of us ever knows when it could be us or someone we know or love in that position ! Keep us posted, please, Anne!
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I'm am sending out my prayers of peace and healing for little Hadar.
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I'll be keeping little Hadar in my thoughts.
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Would be more than glad to Anne. Sending the whole community prayers and especially to Hadar and his mother. She has lost her husband and one child aready I don't think I could even bear it if she lost her other child as well!
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The poor family. My heart goes out to the victims of the latest bombing. Prayers for Hadar.

Anne, please stay safe.

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OMG , how awfull

I sure will pray for the little boy and for the others who were injured . I also will pray for peace and comford for those who has lost a loved one
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Just horrible. I'll never understand it as long as I live.

Positive healing energies to Hadar and his mother, and to the whole region. Please stay safe Anne!
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Prayers going up right now for the little boy and his family. How tragic
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Prayers for Hadar and his family. When will it stop? Please stay safe, Anne.
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Sending prayers to Hadar and his family.

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Will do...
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Aww poor little Hadar. He will be in my du'a! My husband's oldest son's name is Hadar too.

PS: Anne, I sent you an email a week or two ago and have no clue if you got it or not. I was just making sure everything was ok with you.
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Prayers being sent for Hadar and his family
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Anne I'm so glad that you decided to eat at home and that you and your family are safe and sound! I am sending get well thoughts over to little Hadar! I hope he will be ok...
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Will the insanity never end? Prayers are flying across the ocean- I know I tell you this often, but please stay safe-
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Sending prayers to her and other Israelis and Palestinans that have lost their lives due to arrogance and terrorism on both sides.
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how horrible, whats wrong with those people??? i will say a prayer for those families and for all that is going through this terrible thing.
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Thank you everyone! I'll let you know if I hear more about him. If he doesn't make it then it'll make the news here. Otherwise, it would mean he's alive - not sure in what condition though
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Anne, I will keep him in my prayers, along with prayers for an end to acts of terrorism and violence.
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