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Originally posted by Kiwideus
I like that smiley! Do you use emotipad?
No I tried to dl that but I couldnt figure it out I just get them off smilie sites.
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Perfect description Sicy!!
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Thanks for clarifying your stances. I guess I don't really have any opinion, seeing as I'm from the east coast!

I hope though for all of you that perhaps Arnold may be the next Ronnie Reagan.....
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I like Arnold. I wanted him as Governor even before he said he was going to run. I signed the petition to Recall Davis, and I voted for Arnold. I don't find it funny, I think he will do a good job.
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Let's put it this way, if he does repeal the triple car registration tax like he promises, then that will be great. However, I don't feel that a state that's in the financial trouble that California is in, needs an inexperienced man running it. How can he cut taxes, and still take care of the huge defecit? I think he made a bunch of promises, that he will find he cannot keep. I think we will find he's all talk.

However, he just had a news conference on TV, where he's bringing in some people who are going to audit the books and see exactly how bad our situation is, here in California. Then he'll go from there. Apparently it's this woman who helped Gov Bush in Florida, and also helped in New York. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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Originally posted by HopeHacker
I think he made a bunch of promises, that he will find he cannot keep. I think we will find he's all talk.
Perhaps I'm just a pessimist, but isn't that what every one of the candidates did? I mean, that is how you win elections anymore, sad to say. I obviously don't live in California, but I know that's how it is with EVERY election I've seen! They all make promises that they cannot keep within the power granted in whatever position they are running for. Unfortunately it works because most people are not well versed enough in political positions to understand just what they can and cannot accomplish in their positions.

I'm also really starting to think that the only way to fix a lot of the problems that our country as a whole has is to get the politicians out of office. Maybe Arnold can bring a new perspective to the job that a party puppet simply couldn't have?
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I'd like to say a couple of things.

First, the only reason the recall happened is because the people of CA chose to have it. It was not stuffed down our throats. This is the way it should be, a politician abuses power they should lose it, by the choice of the people who put them there.

Second, did anyone listen to Arnold's speech yesterday? He said some very good things:

thank you (when have we ever been thanked! COOL)
immediate INDEPENDENT audit (internal is not good enough in a situation like this)
he's been communicating with people from BOTH parties
he was respectful to Davis
and no taxes (and repealing the car tax)

That's a heck of a lot. Most politicians would never have thought of most of those although Sicy's future FIL may have because he's not a politico like Davis or Bustemante or Simon or any of the above. We've got a real person in office who does have some political experience (he's done a lot in politics that people are not aware of).

I'm just glad Gary Coleman or the porn star didn't get in. Larry Flint would have been interesting though.
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I think Arnold has many good points. Plus, I feel as if he can bring new things in. He wasn't born in California, nor the States, so he doesn't take it for granted, I don't think. Honestly, I don't see why others have problems with him.

So he groped a few people. He's an international Star. I'm sure those women didn't think it was that big of a problem as none pressed charges.

Eh, I for one, am glad he's in. I think he has major potential of turning this State around.
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Hey guys, at least people aren't laughing at us like they did at Minnesota when they elected Ventura. I don't know if Ventura's been good or not, but from what I've read and heard celebrities make pretty good politicians because they're already used to the bullshit.

I'm not sure about Arnold myself, but I liked the points he made in his speech. None of the candidates that I heard speak actually made any decent points. At first I was for McClintock but he NEVER said anything! He was resting on his laurels and just said "Just give me chance! Wait and see!" ARGHHHH!
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Hmmm, I think it's a good idea to get civilians into office, with political advisors. People who grow up in that environment, and really get into politics, don't always do things for the good of the state/city/country; they do it for "political" reasons. If it's not a politician in office, maybe less games will be played, and more just doing what's right? Just my opinion. Governing does not equal politics; I for one, hate politics.
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