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Calling all Californians

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Don't forget to vote!
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I did, but I don't think there was much in the line of good choices. It's kind of like picking the lesser of all of the evils.
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I voted for my fiancee's dad
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Who is your fiancee's dad Sicy?
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Hope I agree with you completely. It's sad that it's that way.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Who is your fiancee's dad Sicy?
Robert "Butch" Dole
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I looked him up - love the hairdo!
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Ya he was in the military

Here's his website

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Sicy that's crazy that your fiancee's dad is running! Does he have a bunch of supporters?

I'm leaving to vote right now. I'm curious about how many of the initial 135 canididates ended up being on the final ballot. Hope the lines aren't long at my local senior center!
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Sicy, I wasn't even familiar with him. They have so MANY candidates for this race.
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Yeah its pretty cool. He's been trying to campaign the best he can. The only reason anyone has really heard of him is because of his famous name. He seems really dedicated though.
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I voted! Go Arnold! Heh.
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Omg Sicy- How odd it that! I'm sorry but I LOL at his haircut!

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i dont live in calf. but i have had this race shoved down my neck on the news, i hope it works out okay for the people, that is who will pay the price if this gets all messed up, which the way it sounds it very well could. i wish all you calf. people good luck!!
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Yeah I've been hearing about it, I was rooting for Arnold. I'm a big fan of his. My mom just told me her won! WTG Arnold!!!
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I cant believe Arnold won. This is seriously a joke.
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Considering there was also a porn star, Larry Flynt, and Gary Coleman seriously running.....the whole thing was almost a joke! Unfortunately it seriously affects Californians' daily lives. Who knows, maybe Arnold will do a good job. Other actors have successfully pulled off the switch - Ronald Reagan, Sonny Bono, Clint Eastwood...
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Can I come live with any of you that DON'T live in California? This is a freakin joke, I don't know why I even voted.
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I am ready to move! I wanted to move to Florida after visiting this past summer, now, I think I just might do it. Arnold is about as "qualified" to be Governor as I am.
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I'm ready to move too!!!
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I see Arnold got in - good news. Had the terminator though been into classical music big time - would his line have been changed in the film to ...
"I'll be Bach"
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Originally posted by kev
I see Arnold got in - good news. Had the terminator though been into classical music big time - would his line have been changed in the film to ...
"I'll be Bach"
I work with someone who is pregnant with a girl. Her last name is Beck, and her husband jokes they should name their daughter Albie, as in "Albie Beck".

Sorry. I think it's funny
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I'm just curious as to your opinions on why Arnold was such a bad choice? I have been following the press on this story, and he seemed to be the most 'intelligent' with ideas on how to fix the major deficits your state has. But I see here that his support does not seem to be in order.

Did you guys want Davis recalled at all? Or did you want him to stay in office?

I'm really just curious as to what Californians think about the whole thing.
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You could of had Gallagher! Now that would have been interesting,a watermelon smasher in the Governor's mansion.
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Arnold just talks in circles.. he has not clearly said what he's going to do. The guy is an actor.. what does he know about politics?? I dont know, I just dont think he's the best choice. Someone already having a history in politics should have gotten the spot. That's my opinion.
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i agree with Sicy, he talked all around the issues that calf. has, he never really said much but a bunch of Blah Blah, but time will tell wont it?
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I basically don't agree with the recall in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't like Davis, but I don't think we should start recalling every politician that we don't like after they've been officially voted into office. Might be nice at times, but to me it just isn't the way the system should work, especially when it only took such a tiny percentage of the state's population to get the recall vote in the first place. And my main concern is that for a state with critical problems all revolving around a budget crisis - spending $80+ million dollars on an alternative election to elect an actor with no political background (but $20-something million in his pocket to spend on his flashy campaign) is a good move? I don't think he'll necessarily be all that bad, I'm hoping for the best actually, I just mainly didn't think the recall was a good idea to start with.
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Arnold =
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that was a good one sicy
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I like that smiley! Do you use emotipad?
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