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I like Sex in the city, Ally McBeal....but, my favorite shows are Dark Angel and That 70's Show. Can't miss those ever.
Any Star Trek is cool. Hhmmmmmmm. Oh, and the ole favs Simpsons and Futurama!
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anybody here watch this? I've just started to get into it. Very interesting premise. I was excited to see Marg Heldenberger get nominated for an Emmy for her work on the show. It was the only emmy nod that the show got.
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Deb25: I completely agree, he has absolutely no depth as an actor. His voice is monatone and he plays basically all the same character. I also do not think he is attractive.

Debby: I love Friends. I have watched that show since day one. However, when they put Survivor on in the same time slot and chose Survivor.
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I love Friends!!!! It's my very favorite show. I haven't seen any of the new episodes though.
I've also become very interested in Malcolm in the Middle. It's become my weekly ritual to fight my parents off to get the TV to watch it.
and as for Survivor and all those other shows...I detest them. sorry guys! and that new one that's coming out, Murder is Small Town X, sickens me. is life so bad that we have to resort to watching this kind of thing on tv to be entertained?
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Don't forget Malcom in the Middle! Makes my family look so normal! :laughing2:

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sorry Michele, I didn't see you mention Malcom in your last post...my bad.

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Hey AP... I love CSI. I think it is a fab. show. It was nice that it came on right after Survivor. I still make a point to catch it every week.

Malcom in the Middle is too funny. I love watching that show just because it makes me laugh really hard!!

I too am a big Simpons fan Meowman. It never gets old

Okay... so I think I watch everything on TV.. Somebody help me :LOL:
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I love Mon. night!! Raymond, King of Queens, Yes Dear. I also love Friends, but was disappointed last season. I didn't find it as funny as a whole, yet Joey was real funny last season. I also try to keep up with Passions (soap). I'm never home to watch soaps, but if I am, I will watch any soap. Whether I know what's going on or not.

Debby: I don't keep up with ATWT but I grew up with it. My mom has been watching it religiously since she was 12 yrs. old. My oldest memory of watching it was Lily at like 16 yrs. old dating Dusty, before Holden. Also I remember some girl named Angel who's father raped her(?).
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Chloe111.... yep, yep, I remember those good 'ol days of 'world turns' :laughing2: maybe your mom and I should get together!!! I have watched the show since I was 10, and I am 35 now!!!
Lily is still on there...as is Holden....and beleive it or not....they are the SAME Holden and Lily as all those years ago!! I had forgetten about Angel!!!!!!!! And her awful father! Didn't she marry Seth? Or they were dating or something.....

I can't beleive I forgot to mention Ally McBeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE that show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I also love Everybody loves Raymond......what a hoot!!! and also King of Queens!!!!! Thanks for reminding me, guys!!!
And Chuck, I also watch that 70's show!!! It is such a blast from the past and is too funny!!! :laughing2:

I think Malcom in the Middle is cute too! And I also love Frasier!!!!!! Anybody else here love Frasier????? What a great show!!!! I am sure there are others I like that I am forgetting, but my all time favorite "oldies" sitcom....(this dates me) is ALL IN THE FAMILY!! I LOVE this show....and I tape as many reruns of it as I possibly can! It is SOOOOOOOOOO funny!!!
I was sorry to hear of Carroll O'Conner's death a month or so ago...he played Archie Bunker on the show.
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Debby - Frasier.......yippee!!!!!!!!!!
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Daphne Moon: how many pound cakes did she woof down between seasons last year?
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I don't know that answer - but she sure didn't look good with those extra 'pounds' attached. Hubby said she was 'pregnant in real life'....
TV isn't real; life?????????
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Oops. Airprincess has informed me that she was indeed pregnant. I guess she was one of those "gain all over" women. Just goes to show you how much I kept up with Frasier last year. I think I had class on that night, although who knows because they move the shows around so much, I can't ever keep track.
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Originally posted by Deb25

As for network tv, I still like ER, 3rd Watch, and Law and Order.

those are the exact shows i watch Deb, though i also watch Ally McBeal still (why ? i dont know !)
CSI (occasionally) and of course, Survivor - and Friends sometimes, as well.

ER and Law & Order are my favourite shows though, i also love Third Watch.
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