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what do you guys like to watch on tv?

are there any shows that you are addicted too?

I don't think it's any secret that I'm into big brother 2, Sex and the city.

I also love to watch Seinfeld reruns. Judge Judy is a guilty pleasure of mine.

what show can you not miss?
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I don't have cable.. all I have is a t.v. and dvd player. However, before I moved from NC I had cable and I never missed Sex and the City and Oz. Both HBO shows.. and two totally different types. Oz was about prison life in a high security prison.. pretty graphic stuff. Sex and the City is my favorite of all shows. I wish we had cable here.. but we pay enough bills as it is.. and everything is so expensive in San Francisco. We're currently looking to find a new place in a smaller city not far from here... paying much less. Thank God!

So there you have it AP.

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is there anything that you are really into on the networks?
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I really like watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed. I can't wait for the new season. I do not have HBO so I have never seen Sex in the City. I know, I am probably the only person who has never seen it or the Sopranos.
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The Sopranos RULE! We have the first season on DVD. I didn't think I'd like it.. but I watched the first two episodes with Craig and they are actually really really good. Not as good as Sex and the City though!!!

-Cassie :tounge2:
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As for network tv, I still like ER, 3rd Watch, and Law and Order.

Seinfeld reruns are a MUST around here. I am so bummed that I missed the one with the valet who had B.O. the other night. I am seeing Mr. Jerry in concert this coming Saturday. I can hardly WAIT!
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love, love, love seinfeld! this weekend was the one where George pretends that something is wrong with his arm because Lloyd Braun catches him jabbing Jerry. and the frozen yogurt place that wasn't really fat free. and jerry said the F word in front of the kid.

the last line of the show was the kid saying to Jerry

Thanks for putting my dad out of business, you fat f*ck

I live for that show!

Deb, I'm so jealous you're going to see him on saturday. is he doing the stand up circuit now?
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AP; You know I love Sex and The City and BBII Others I enjoy are Sopranos, Six Feet Under and Oz. . . : Right now I feel that the "Best TV Around" is being produced by HBO.

Network wise I enjoy X-Files (although I don't think it will be much good now that both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are gone. . . . I also enjoy Third Watch, ER, and King of Queens. . . . :laughing2

My all-time favorite that I try never to miss (and will not even answer the phone during) is JEOPARDY and ROCK 'N Roll JEOPARDY :jarswim::jarswim::dali::pinky:

P.S. Colby; thank you for not pointing out how STUPID I was in my post to Saturday's BBII when I kept calling Autumn "Amanda". . .
(I have since edited my mistake, and if pressured; will vehnemently deny my density. . . . .
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Apparently so. I saw him live once before. I think it was just after the first season of the show, before it really caught on. I love, love, love him too.

If you haven't listened to his CD, "I'm Telling You for the Last Time", get it. The section on men and what they are thinking is particularly funny.
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do you have a favorite episode? Some of mine are the 'puffy' shirt, the 'shrinkage' one, 'Kramerica Industries' where Kramer gets his own intern, & one where George takes the book into the bathroom & Jerry turns in his uncle Leo for stealing.
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My all-time favorite has to be "The Contest". I still vividly remember seeing it for the first time, laughing til I was crying, and thinking, "Are they really going there on national tv?"

I have so many other favorites, I can hardly name them. I love the b.o. car episode, the Soup Nazi, the whole season with writing the pilot for NBC, and the one where George has to get the calzones for Steinbrenner and Kramer cooks his clothes. The one where Judge Reinhold plays the "close talker" is another good one too, because one of my friends is a close talker. I was LMAO when I saw that one, because I kept thinking of my friend. I love her, but I'm always backing up whenever we talk.

I could go on and on about this show.
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My favoarite TV shows are Judging Amy, ER, and the Practice
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the contest

I loved it when after like 5 minutes Kramer came into Jerrys apartment, slapped his money down, & said 'I'm out'
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The whole conversation in Monk's that started the whole thing was pretty hilarious, too.

I like the part in the hospital when Estelle is complaining that she's hungry, and George whips her a box of Tic Tacs.

The other epsiode I like is when Jerry and Elaine decide to renew their physical relationship, but with rules. The one scene where Jerry casually tells George he slept with Elaine, and George wants details, saying something like. "Now you listen here. I've got no job, I 've got no life. I want details and I want them now!"
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I'm laughing as I read this.

last night the one was on where Jerry is dating the massage therapist & he's trying to get her to give him a massage and she says 'I will not submit to forcable massage' and Elaine was dating Joel Rifkin, 'not the murderer'
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I can scarcely type because I am laughing so hard. That reminds me of the one with Keith Hernandez of the NY Mets.

"You better look up at the 3rd base coach, because I don't think he's waving you in."
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Hey AP and Deb... how about the episode when Jerry was dating a woman, but doesn't know her name. All he knows is it rhymes with a female body part. He called her Mulva... I laughed so hard.. Do you remember her name?

What did you think of the last show? I loved it, thought it was typical of the show. I have friends who were disappointed.

I also love Sopranoes. I have not seen Oz yet but am looking forward to it. Sex in the City or course, and Six Feet Under. HBO definitely has the best shows on at this time.
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did you see Sex and the city last night?

It made me cry
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I was just gonna say, "Wait! Wait! Delores!"

When I first saw the last episode, I was disappointed, because I guess it could never have lived up to what I was expecting. But now, I laugh hysterically when I see it on rerun.
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Yay!! Delores.. that's funny. Ya I watched Sex in the City. I too cried. I felt so sad for Miranda, and than sad for Carrie. Through the whole thing Samantha was pretty funny. I had a feeling that whole orgasm thing had to do with Miranda's mother.

Isn't Aidan, just great? I would love him to be my boyfriend, literally though... HIM :LOL:

What do you think of Charolette and the road her character is traveling down, right now? I guess this whole post should go into the Sex and the City thread Sorry

I was listening to the radio, and there was a report that Kim Catrel's (Samantha)dad is ashamed of his daughters character on the show. He can't watch it because he says she comes off to the world as a big tramp. I think that is sad.
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uh, not being the avid fan that AP is, she DOES come off as a tramp, and that is one of the things I don't like about the show.
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That makes sence.. I suppose her father would happily agree with you. :LOL:
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I guess I'm just not big on Kim Catrell to begin with. She's sort of like Nicholas Cage to me (don't like him either). I just don't find her believable in the role. To me she doesn't fit in with the other 3.
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Cool... I don't care for Nicolas Cage either, and everytime I say that to people that act completely shocked!! I am glad we see him in the same light.
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The first movies I ever saw Cage in he shared the same quality in all of them: he was a whiner! (Raising Arizona, Peggy Sue Got Married, and Moonstruck). I have disliked him ever since. I was actually rooting for Cher to meet somebody else altogether in Moonstruck. I just do not have the stomach for him. Also, it doesn't help that to me, at least, he is basically unattractive. Yech.
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Awwwww, guys.... I LOVE Nicholas Cage! He is one of my favorite actors! (But that is just my opinion)

Cassie and Darlene!!! I too am addicted to OZ!!!! When does the next season start? Shillinger is so mean!!!!!! I miss Anabese (sp?)
Did they ever dig that guy, (the preacher) (the one that used to play Dillan, on Beverly Hills 90210...or whatever it was called,) out ????

I think that was the last one I saw...was that the last show of the season? Where he was buried in the wall???

I am also addicted to AS The World Turns....is anyone else? I tape it every day, and would love to talk to someone about it? Anyone???

I of course am totally into Big Bro #2, and Sex and the City, as well.

I am also a big "Friends" addict, anyone else love this show???
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Raymond! - King of Queens and Becker - Monday night is my favorite night. Am also an X-files addict - I love Mulder!
Also like Survivor and BB. When I can - I sneak a peek at Y&R Soap - but am not home enough anymore to know the plots!
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oops.....I forgot Friends! -
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I think Law and Order is a great show! I watch the reruns every night. Judging Amy, ER and The Practice are also favorites. The one show I don't want to miss though is the X-Files. I can hardly wait for the new season to start. It's not going to be the same without Mulder.

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