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Test post

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Test post.
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Grey Cat
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Aw, Cute Pic. HiHi Junyar!
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Hello Junyor -- nice to see you here -- even if you're not the "Junyor" I think you are! Assuming you are the latter, does the presence of that image (nice kitty!) mean we have a solution? See you on the Opera board.
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what a cutie
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Grey Cat
Hello Junyor better keep a close eye on your kitty, Sicy is a HUGE LOVER of GRAY KITTIES!

Sicy gets mezmorized, you can see it in her eyes! Look up!
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Sicy - Since you love grey cats so much...have I ever shared this pic to you? My son and my gray boy, rocko - (I don't think I knew you when I posted this ages ago) - Just thought it was funny - LMAO

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OMG KIM that is to funny LMAO
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omg KIM LMAO!!!!!!!! That is seriously hilarious!!!
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Oh, Kim, that's too funny!
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Goodness, I didn't expect such a huge response to a test post. That picture is my Mia. Unfortunately, she's in kitty heaven.

@rapunzel47: Yep, I'm the same Junyor. The presense of that picture means I didn't have any problem.... Hrm. Looks like that picture was taken back in 2001. Lemme download and upload some pictures I just took....

This is Groucho.
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CUTE!! What a perfect name
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Kim you crack me up! Great pic!LMAO

What a purrrrrrrrfect name for your cat, Junyor.....he does look a bit like Groucho Marx!
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Another nice kitty, Junyor! Thanks for keepin' on keepin' on with this. And you don't post a kitty pic on this board and not get a bunch of responses!! These are addicts.

[To the rest of you, Junyor is one of several people on the Opera forum trying to help me sort out why I'm all of a sudden having trouble attaching images to my posts. He's the only one that I'm aware of that's come here to see if he can duplicate the problem or get any other clues, since it seems to be a problem with the Opera browser.]
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