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Looking for a new kitty this afternoon!

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I am going to the local animal shelter on my lunch break to start perusing for a new kitty to take home. I think that my current kitty Leo is really lonely and I am hoping to find a kitty to keep him company. I was told that I should look for a young female kitten by the woman who runs the organization that I adopted Leo from. Is this right? Any other suggestions anyone wants to throw at me?
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That's great! It depends on the individual kitty. How old is he? My two are boys and are real buddies. They love to wrestle with each other and get along great.

They were introduced to each other when one was 1 1/2 yrs old and the other was around 2 yrs old. Both have layed back attitudes, but I think what helps is that one is alpha and the other is definitely NOT. So there is never any status struggle going on.

I think boy to boy, and boy to girl works well. It's usually when it's girl to girl that there is more of a chance of things not going as smoothly. Also, how they're introduced is a big part of it.

I'll let the pros here explain that. I'm still a newbie myself when it comes cats.

Good luck and I can't wait to hear (and SEE) the new fuzzie.
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When looking for a compainion for my Lady D I was told it would be easier for her to warm up to a kitty of the opposite sex. Not sure if she warmed up to him yet but she does let him groom her, until he gets to fresh & she swats him.
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looking for a new baby is exciting! I would go for small, opposite sex kitten. from what I have been hearing, that will be the best combo. good luck there!
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I agree with rfox. Good luck
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I went to the local animal shelter and there were so many kitties. I wanted to take them all home! I held two in pasticular one young male longhaired and one young female. Both were so cute and purring I told them that I would think about it. I had to tear myself away from them
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How exciting! Good luck in finding the perfect playmate for Leo. I think he would adapt to the new kitten irregardless of sex (although I have also heard it's best to adopt the opposite sex). I think you have to see which kitten chooses you and go with that. As long as you introduce the new kitten to Leo properly - I don't think you'll have any problem. We have 3 girls and they get along well (aside from our 17 year old - who just tolerates the other two).

I can't wait to hear/see your newest little one. I'm excited for you!!!
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Good luck!!! Let us know how it goes!
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Oh shoot, I'm sorry I didn't read through the few posts to see that you were already home.

Well good luck making that big decision!
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lol, then they can decide for themselves who gets along better and you'll have a wonderfully full house.

Personally, after talking with people here and considering my own experience, males get along better with males. Females, for some reason, seem to be a very independant sex...

I don't know, something to consider.
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I wish I could take more than one home but my apt only lets me have two cats. Hmm looks like I should be looking for a male. Now I am so confused lol!
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Go with your heart, if your heart says a male kitten then take him. However, if your heart says a female kitten take her.

Either way it's probably going to be a win win situation if they are introduced properly!

Good Luck!
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Take them both! When I got a companion for Peaches I got two and I love it!
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Update??? I'm dying to hear more about the new cat u'll be adopting! Pls post pics of LEO AND ur new cat/kitten.. Good luck with ur search..
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