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My gut tells me to just keep them in.. not allowed to go out at all. I just dont know. I have to think that Zoey is somewhat smart, since she was found at my neighbors door.. which is literally 2 feet from mine. She must have heard my neighbor getting ready in the morning and meowed for her. We had not gotten up yet. If she was really 'disillusioned' she might have climbed upstairs, or around the corner.. but it sounds like she stayed in the area of my door.

I'm just glad she's ok!! All the door stops have been removed from the 3 doors that lead to outside. Now I just have to watch for people that prop them open with other things.. and try to convey to them how important it is to keep them closed. There are a lot of cat owners in my building, not just me.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Thanks you guys. Obviously I'm far from alone here! Everything is fine with my fiancee.. its over and done with, I'm not mad at him. But I'm already paranoid enough about checking doors and counting cats but I am going to be even more paranoid now. And I dont know if its better to teach them NO outside is bad.. or to let them accquaint themselves with it. Maybe it would just make them want to go outside more, and I dont want that.
I teach NOOOO outside is BAD!!! If they run into the laundry room they get yelled at. We are lucky that in order to get out of the house you have to go through two doors. So if they escaped the house they are just in the laundry room or front enclose porch. The front porch is there room and that door doeen't get open, but we are teaching them to stay our of the laundry room.
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OMG Sicy! I'm just reading this! How scary! I'm so glad your neighbor brought her back!

Luckily, Luna isn't real big on what's outside the front door. And she doesn't really try to run through doors, either. The first time she tried that, I was opening a door (not the front) and in a hurry, so when she darted in front of my feet, I accidentally kicked her! Not hard, and she was fine . . . but, still, I think the shock of it was enough that she decided not to try it again. Oops.
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I'm late off the mark here (as usual) but I know what you mean. Both our cats are indoor cats, and I remember coming home from work late one night. The headlights of the car drew my attention to a pair of cat's eyes staring back at me... My that cat looks familiar... OMG it's Kermitte! I got out of the car and of course she dissapears into the night. I followed her to the back porch, and she actually came to me when I called her and asked to be picked up (she usually doesn't like being picked up/handled). I collected the purring cat and all my other junk in my arms, went to the front door and rang the doorbell. When my mother answered, the look on her face was relief/surprise. My mother said she must have slipped out when she answered the door, and she'd only just recently started worrying about where the cat could have dissapeared to? Since then, Kermitte has been quite happy staying inside! Away from that " big mean ol' world out there" Both our cats wear collars with a bell on them, and ID, so in case they get loose outside, someone can bring them back to us...
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